"YOU WON'T BE HAPPY UNTIL I'M DEAD," is her husband's response. I mean, he says it in French but it's still loud and powerful.

Megan explains to Don that her mom caught dad talking with his new graduate student over the phone and she was crying and there's all sorts of Montreal affairs afoot.

Megan's dad is not in the best mood, and decides to take it out on his daughter with some perhaps too-tough love. "Is this your passion?" he tells his daughter. "I always saw you were single-minded about your dreams and that would help you ... Don't let your love for this man stop you from doing what you want to do."

Megan is dumb-founded ... and kind of knows her dad is right. At this point, halfway through the season, we're left wondering if Mrs. Draper will remain Mrs. Draper by the season's end. Maybe if she has more excellent beans pitches?

Oh, and Megan's mom gets her revenge on her husband in the form of giving Roger Sterling a little (ahem) lip service. Of course it's Roger. Were you expecting Pete? Sally just happens to walk in on them, though they don't notice her, and she returns to the Draper Table of Sadness.

How does Sally recover? Call Glen of course. "How was the city?" he asks.

"Dirty," she says.

Bad Parents Part II: The Peggy edition

For the record, I really like Peggy's boyfriend, Abe Drexler. He's smart and hard-working and good for Peggy (unless she goes to the movies).

But he acts a bit distant when visiting her in the office. Especially since he has to endure Michael calling Peggy a "traditionalist in the boob department" when talking about her old-fashioned plans for a Playtex ad and Stan dubbing her a "boob-carrying consumer." Not sure if Abe is intimidated by Peggy being her own working woman or if he's just kind of grossed out.

He calls her later to meet up for dinner, and seems really upset. Break-up? Seems that way.

As she (and everyone) should, Peggy goes to Joan for relationship advice. Joan thinks it can either be a break-up or a proposal but really thinks it will be the latter.

One of the best lines of the night from Joan: "Men don't take the time to end things, they ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate." Joan should really write an advice column.

Peggy gets pumped for the maybe proposal (new dress!) and has a happy-sad reaction when Abe just wants to move in together. Put a ring on it, Abe.

They break the news to Peggy's mom over dinner. You remember Peggy's mom, right? Rude, resentful, angry, old-fashioned. She's still all of those things.

When she hears of their shacking-up news, she leaves and takes the cake she brought with her.

And Peggy asks her if she just wants her to be alone for the rest of her life.

"Well, you know what your aunt used to say," Peggy's mom begins. "If you're lonely, get a cat. After 12 years get another one and another after that. Then you're done."


I wonder how Don and Roger's parents would behave towards their sons if they were still alive?

More highlights from tonight's episode

Don's crisis: Sure, he gets an award, but he's shocked to learn that no one wants to do business with him anymore because who can trust him after the anti-smoking letter ad SCDP wrote (turning his back on Lucky Strike). Hopefully, he'll get his stuff in order.¿

Good to see you, Mona!: The former Mrs. Sterling is back and looking good! Plus, she said this to summarize 1966: "I, for one, am not going to let a bunch of dirty teenagers in the paper disrupt the order of things.”

Future Sally: After walking in on Roger and Megan's mom and being disgusted, Sally's either going to be a nun or go full-out bad girl, right? Will she lose her virginity to Glen? Eww.

Yes, it's very shocking: "Someone dumped you!?!" -- Peggy's reaction to newly single Joan.

Best summation of Pete Campbell: Sally thinks the awards ball is going to be fancy, and as Roger sees Pete approach he says, "Your Prince Charming? Nah."

Most cutting line: Megan's dad dismisses her "Big beans success." True description, but still mean.

Peggy and Megan: BFFs: Can't help but think a war is brewing between Peggy and Megan, but Peg congratulates Megan on her Heinz success. "I don't know what the Canadian equivalent is to baseball, but this a home room!" she says. Silly, Peggy. The Canadian equivalent to any sport is hockey.