She goes downstairs in the scary Francis castle and finds Pauline, who does perhaps the worst job of explaining what happened to those nurses.

"Why did he do that?" Sally asks.

"Probably because he hates his mother," Pauline says.

Later, she gives her take on what probably happened: "The girls got ready for bed and there was handsome man there. And someone probably knew him, or not. ... the young innocent nurses in short uniforms, stirring his desire."

"For what?" Sally asks

"What do you think?" Pauline snaps.

Seriously. Later, after making Sally "feel better" by showing her her burglar alarm, a giant butcher knife, she gives Sally a Seconal -- a barbiturate! -- to help her fall asleep.

Sally is now most likely to have a "Valley of the Dolls" subplot or join a cult. Or both.


Most succinct observation about SCDP: "Y'all drink a lot." -- Dawn

Worst time to bring up Joan's accordion playing: When another player serenades them at the dinner when Joan discovers Greg volunteered to go back.

Most inappropriate work behavior: Peggy, Stan and Megan ogling the exclusive crime-scene photos of the student nurse photos Peggy's photog pal, Joyce, brings in the office.

Best comeback: When Don says Michael Ginsberg's voice is hard to listen to, Michael sticks up for himself by saying it's a "regional accent."

Sure, Don: "I married you and I'm going to be with you until you die." -- to Megan

Best Roger outburst: To Peggy: "Are you drunk?! Get your feet off the desk!"