I was almost certain it would this episode after an inebriated Ted polled the employees whom they think will win the Democrat’s nomination: Kenney or Murphy. Kennedy has the lead. 

But as time ran short, I thought maybe they'd wait until next week's episode. Leaving it as a cliffhanger for how the characters will react to it (other than Don and Megan) was an unexpected and intriguing.

I doubt we'll get the same reactions we did with JFK and MLK, since those were in-the-moment reactions. Sadly, maybe it will be swept under the rug, as the office did with Lane's death.


BEST ROGER ONE-LINER: Burt: You’re a real prick. Roger: Dammit, Burt, you stole my goodbye.

BEST GAL PAL BONDING MOMENT: Joan and Peggy seem genuinely happy to be working together again. And, more importantly, both are pleased that the other has moved up in her career. But will the respect for Joan be marred when Peggy finds out how she truly became partner?

BEST EXCUSE TO AVOID CONVERSATIONS ON AN AIRPLANE THAT NEVER WORKS: "I like reading on airplanes," Don to Ted, hinting that he doesn't want to talk. Has that ever worked for anyone? I put my book mere inches away from my face and I still hear strangers' life stories.

WORST ROOMMATE SWAP: Technically not a roommate, since Trudy didn’t live with Pete in his seedy playboy apartment in the city, but Pete’s mother with dementia is a frustrating downgrade. Daytime fires to put out from leaving the stove on? Yikes. Not to mention that caused him to miss the meeting with Mohawk. Add that to the failed marriage and a threatened career (no seat for Pete!) and Pete's slowly getting his comeuppance. I still won't be satisfied ‘til he gets another fist to the face.

WORST LINE FOR AN EPISODE DEBUTING ON MOTHER’S DAY: "My mother can go to hell." – Pete. On second thought, make that fist to the face once per season. At least.

CORNIEST LINES (TIED): Ginsy: I used to think you were taller than me. Now I see you’re about my height. Ted: I hope you can still look up to me.

And… "Groovy." – Ted. Him? No, just no.

MOST UN-POLTICALLY CORRECT MOMENT THAT WAS BOUND TO HAPPEN: Peggy: I just spoke with Dawn. Ted: Black or white?

MOST DOGMATIC EMPLOYEE: Meredith. She had quite the bump from her previous "Most Oblivious Employee' rank in my ‘To Have and to Hold’ recap. Stephanie Drake, the Baltimore native who plays the character, said in a recent Q&A that, despite her sporadic ditziness, Meredith does take her job seriously. I guess it’s a little too seriously if Sterling calls her a stickler for not going out of order on the agenda, and she defines "ascending" to the partners at the meeting.

BIGGEST SUCK UP: Bob, the reining supreme kiss-ass. He takes Joan, agonizing in pain from an ovarian cyst, to the hospital. Bonus points for getting her to the doc faster with the ol' "she swallowed the furniture polish" trick. The football for Kevin was a bit of overkill, but, hey, it saved his job. Am I the only one who still doesn't trust him? I'm convinced Weiner wouldn't dedicate that much airtime to someone so seemingly good-natured without something hidden up their sleeve.