Pete, however, wants a larger bank account to entice Trudy. Nice try, but there’s not enough money to make Pete a viable catch to her again.

And in ‘Mad Men’ land, anytime a character receives good news, bad news is not far away. When will the SDCP learn that whorehouses are not good for business? They lost Jaguar (the first time) with the infamous chewing gum in pubis incident.

Now they lost Vick’s when Pete ran into Tom, his father-in-law, coming out of a room with an overweight black prostitute.

These are the awkward moments we live for. Horrified, each is only able to utter one word as they pass by one another. “Hello?” whimpers Pete. “Goodnight,” Tom snarls under his breath.

Here’s where Pete lost any good grace he earned from last week’s episode: After plaintively telling his wife about Tom dropping the account, he reveals her father’s whoreabouts.

Shocker: She sees right through his manipulation. And besides, how does admitting to seeing her father at a whorehouse help their faltering marriage?

“He left me with no other choice,” Pete gripes. “You have lots of choices,” Trudy asserts. Applause! “We’re done. Get your things.” Standing ovation! Bravo, Trudy! Open the bubbly, this woman is free of Madison’s Avenue sleaziest pimp.

Well, let’s just see how the divorce plays out. Knowing Pete the Petulant, he’ll make it agonizing since he’s no longer in control.

Another divorce, another sign that Pete is Don 2.0. Pity, because I prefer Trudy/Alison Brie to Betty/January Jones, who’s still making regular appearances.

But as one marriage unfolds, another mends itself. Slightly.

Megan is out shopping with her mother when two grade school girls ask for Megan’s autograph. Marie stifles her jealousy. Because her own dreams to stardom were unfulfilled? Because someone else is receiving all the attention?

Despite her resentment, Marie senses Megan’s upset. So, she puts on her Mom Pants (not Mom jeans, thankfully) while the two are in the dressing room. How fitting.

Megan admits the growing distance between her and Don. “He may think you belong more to other people than he does to you,” Marie observes.

As bad as she is with picking men (see: Émile and Roger), she at least understands why these relationships sour. These men want to be in the spotlight.

Again, as we saw with the Jaguar client, if Don’s not the center of someone’s universe, then he sees that as rejection. This feeling of abandonment drives him to seek out his vices, adultery and alcohol.

To reel him back from the debaucherous brink, Marie offers a solution: “Make him think about how quickly he can get between your legs.” Bold, saucy, and slightly disturbing. “Hey, Mom, thanks for the sex advice.” Try putting that on a Mother’s Day card. (Ew, please don’t.)

Whether it was Megan’s nude, gam-galore dress, or Don’s sense of possession after Herb’s inappropriate comment (“tall, tan, young, and lovely”), Megan finally gets much, much closer to her husband.

Her mother, in fact, was able to hear how well her advice worked. She suffers through the sexile with wine straight from the bottle.

Peggy and Abe’s cohabitation, meanwhile, is far from bliss. Peggy resorts to wearing a bandana as a facemask to safely breathe whatever renovated-induced fumes are wafting in the air, she has to walk around with shoes, and Abe is shocking himself doing repairs since he’s too frugal to hire a handyman. But as far as he’s concerned, the Upper West Side is an idyllic neighborhood.

“Things are changing,” says Abe. “We’re a part of that.” Not comforting when it’s happening in your backyard, or in this case, your stoop.