I’ve “chalked up” their relationship issues to the fact that Mike liked her when she was a sex-buddy, so he thought he wanted to "make it official," and now he realized what he looks for in a smush buddy and a potential wife are two completely different things. I don’t think it’s Paula that has suddenly changed.

With the way Mike treated her on the date, at home and then out at the club shows how little he respects her. I give it another week or two. The house unanimously agreed, “Mike hates Paula.”

Things I Learned On This Episode of "Jersey Shore":

• “Sneaky Dickens” is someone who has a girlfriend but does almost all things single guys do.

• An accomplishment in Mike’s world is each night he doesn’t bring a girl home and cheat on Paula.

• Vinny’s favorite skank is the ol' Rosie Palmer, aka his hand.

Snooki is destined for a life of crime on the Jersey Shore.

• Snooki sometimes enjoys “The Shocker.” Wow.

• The “Superman” and “Dolphin” are sex moves apparently.

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