I wanted to say to Jionni, "Roger didn’t recently impregnate and propose to Jenni" ... (well, the proposal part, yes!) but not at the time of this episode. Where was someone at that point to stand up and say that! Roger is Jenni’s boyfriend. You are Snooki’s fiancé and the father of their child, so get here more often!

Jionni reveals that the incident in Italy killed him and that he was willing to give her a second chance, so clearly he cares about her, and saw more than her party-girl exterior. And what better way to end the night then to have Jionni invite them all to the bachelor party, and they all invite him into the family. 

Weird part though, I still was left with the burning question “Did Sitch and Snooks hook up in LA?” When Jionni tells Mike that he didn’t appreciate his “s--- talking” in Italy, Mike still claims that he was only telling the truth.  Dun dun DUN.

Things I Learned On This Week’s Episode of "Jersey Shore":

• There is such thing as an “Energist” and she calls herself “Zen Jen” and she will lie and do a false reading if you pay her to.

• Jionni has a business that supplies and maintains ATMs. He collects on the fees.

• Paula has the nicest natural boobs in the world.

• “Knocking the dust off” of someone refers to smushing.

• Vinny will hit a b----, because he’s from Staten Island.

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