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'Glee' recap, 'Puppet Master'

Muppets. Gas leaks. "What Does the Fox Say?"

Oh my.

Tonight was definitely a weird one. Like, when-The-Beatles-went-psychedelic weird. Not a bad weird, but more like ... "What is this? Oh, I get it. Hey, I really liked that!" weird. Pamela Lansbury makes its grand debut ... in a place that only Broadway fanatics go. The rest of the band gives Kurt flak for booking there, but it all works out in the end, as the SOLITARY member of the audience had a connection at hotspot Williamsburg Music Hall. As the soon-to-be-premiere Madonna cover band, singing "Into the Groove" seems like a perfectly natural choice for the group's debut. Only ... WHERE'S DEMI LOVATO? She just randomly disappeared.

The big storyline this week is Sue possibly becoming principal! She talks about her new caning policy, how she's raised test scores and grades, and the low truancy rate, alluding to the fact she would be a great principal -- and Figgins can stick around as a janitor. But when the superintendent refers to her as a "buddy to get beers with," she feels she needs to soften her image. After a montage of '80s Sue, the audience sees that a lack of respect made Sue the way she is today. Heck, EVEN Becky, Sue's BFF, tells Sue she needs to "girl up a bit." Ultimately, Sue turns to Unique for lady-fying advice.

Meanwhile, there's a gas leak in the choir room at McKinley. Blaine accidentally gets high off the fumes and imagines a Muppet sing-a-long of Queen's "You're My Best Friend." Sue imagines a Ginger Rogers/Fred Astaire-inspired black and white dance montage -- with Schuester.

The other big storyline is that Jake is a man-whore, and Bree has a pregnancy scare. Bree lets him know that she's not preggers and calls him "toxic." The two break out into a Janet Jackson medley of "Nasty" and "Rhythm Nation." We find out that Marley is ALSO done with Jake. What is he gonna do now?

Tonight was insane, and I know that most of you are as exhausted as I am! Let's put your minds and bodies to rest, as we flashback to New Directions singing quite an obnoxious song: "What Does the Fox Say?"

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