When the Yunkai send a representative offering gold to negotiate with her, Dany isn't in much of a mood to negotiate. "You will release every slave in Yunkai," she tells him, before her dragons nearly roast him alive and she keeps the gold.

Dany's advisers tell her the Yunkai will not bend.

"What happens to things that don’t bend?" she replies, ominously.

Camp of the Lightning Lord

Arya is angry the Brotherhood Without Banners sold Gendry to Melisandre. "I don’t talk to traitors," she says.

After another dispute with her supposed protectors, she runs away. But she gets less than a football field away, when she's captured.

By who? It couldn't be much worse: The Hound. (Gulp! Please don't hurt my favorite character!)  

Mysterious torture chamber

Theon still being tortured, but it's getting even worse and more gruesome.

Two girls begin to (very-weirdly) seduce him when his torturer returns and attacks him again -- this time in his most sensitive place. It's very likely that, after this latest maiming, Theon will never be able to have kids.

On the road with Bran

After Jojen saw Jon Snow at the wall in a dream, the group is headed north.

Osha promises to get them to Castle Black, but no further. She tells an alarming story of her encounter with a wight (what the frozen zombies are called after a White Walker turns them).

"The north was no place for men to be, not any more," she warns.

And that's a warning all of Westeros should should hear.