At the reception, Tyrion gets extraordinarily drunk, while his father insists that Tyrion impregnate Sansa immediately.

Meanwhile, Joffrey is tormenting Sansa, and threatens to rape her on her wedding night.

“Maybe I’ll pay you a visit tonight after my uncle passes out,” he says.

Joffrey then attempts to instigate a “bedding ceremony,” which Tyrion flatly rejects, thrusting his knife into the table.

He treatens to cut off his nephew’s, um, other head, and Joffrey becomes incensed, but Tywin intercedes.

“Your uncle is clearly quite drunk, Your Grace,” he says.

Alone in their bedroom, Tyrion is kind to the 14-year-old Sansa and says they don’t have to have sex unless she wants to do so.

“I won't share your bed, not until you want me to,” Tyrion tells her.

“What if I never want you to?” she replies.  

“And so my watch begins,” Tyrion deadpans.

Then he passes out drunk.