When Rickard Karstark and others break into the jail and kill two young captives, including a Lannister -- defying Robb's orders -- he's forced to take action. 

Robb sentences them to death, and must kill his relative himself (Starks and Karstarks are essentially cousins).

"It took five of you to murder two unarmed squires?" Robb exclaims. "They were boys!"

With the rain pouring down, Robb takes off Karstark's head in a single blow. 

After this, the Karstark-pledged forces leave Robb's camp, and The King in the North must look for other forces if he wants to take out Casterly Rock, the Lannister's home.

Robb decides to try to make amends with Walder Frey, "the man whose daughter I was supposed to marry," in order to gather more manpower.

Frey, however, is still carrying a grudge against Robb about being slighted earlier. A bitter and petty man, Frey is not likely to forgive and forget so quickly.


Stannis sees his wife and daughter for the first time in a long time.

His wife, weirdly, is keeping a several fetuses in jars from her failed pregnancies (gross!). And she's apparently OK with her husband sleeping with Melisandre. 

Stannis coldly informs his daughter, Shireen, who's been disfigured by an ailment, that Davos is being held in prison. 

"Sir Davos is a traitor," he says. "He’s rotting in a dungeon cell for his crime. Best forget him."

The girl visits him anyway and begins to teach The Onion Knight, whom she likes and respects, to read.

The road from Astapor

Jorah Mormont and Barristan the Bold recount old memories from Robert's Rebellion and Mormont says he believes in Dany "with all my heart."

The Targaryen princess tells The Unsullied former slaves they may now choose their own names.

"Throw away your slave name," she says.

But The Unsullied's newly chosen captain, Grey Worm, says he prefers to keep his. 

"Grey Worm is the name this one had when Daenerys Stormborn set him free," he says.