As the queen tries to question him about Margaery Tyrell, his wife-to-be, Joffrey says: “This becoming one of the most boring conversations I’ve ever heard. “

Later, when discussing Margaery’s previous marriage to Renly Baratheon, Joffrey underscores his misogynist streak: “That’s what intelligent women do: What they’re told.” 

OK, I take back what I said earlier about starting to like the Lannisters.

The road from Winterfell

Also, let’s just put this out there: Bran looks much older than the 9-year-old he’s supposed to be in the books.

The episode opens with Bran Stark deep in a dream, in which he once again sees the Three-Eye-Raven.

In the dream, he also sees the mysterious Jojen Reed, who we will meet later in the episode. Once they meet – after a thorough sniffing from Summer -- Jojen, who can see the future, tells Bran: “The raven is you.” 

I think we all have a feeing Bran will play some major role in how this series ends.

Robb Stark’s battle camp

Word comes in that Catelyn Stark’s father has died, which means the armies of The North will march off to the funeral.

Speaking with Lady Talisa (whom I still protest in favor of Jeyne Westerling), Catelyn Stark reveals a surprisingly tender side for Jon Snow.

She tells a story of how she prayed for the boy to die, but felt terrible once he fell ill. She prayed for him to get better and promised to love him if he did. But she couldn’t bring herself to feel any love for him after he recovered.

Catelyn said she blames all her family’s woes on her inability to love Jon.

“I couldn’t keep my promise,” she said. “It’s all because I couldn’t love a motherless child.”

North of the Wall

Jon, meanwhile, is falling in with some interesting folks in his undercover mission north of the wall.

He meets Orell, a warg like Bran, who puts his mind inside an eagle’s head and controls him. Pretty freaky.

Mance Rayder, the king north of the wall, tells Jon how he was able to build his army of giants and myriad tribes.

"I told them we were all going to die if we don’t get south," he says. 

And, Samwell is having trouble keeping up with the men of the Night’s Watch in their never-ending march through snow, ice and miserableness.

Mysterious dungeon

Oh, and one other important thing happened.

Theon, who I hate, got tortured off and on throughout the episode on some medieval device. They even pulled out his fingernails. That’ll teach him for sacking Winterfell and for generally being a worthless human.

Now, if we could only get Joffrey to join him.