In order of finish this episode

Stacey was given a $10 bonus for having won the Mentor Challenge, but she didn't need it. Her maple-bacon cheesecake received the highest high bid. Her pitch was smooth and composed, and the judges loved her cheesecake. Still, the judges told her, she needs to show some spontaneity.

Nikki had her best showing in weeks. She finally stopped apologizing for her vegetarian philosophy and made a dish they really enjoyed.

Damaris had a good week, too. The judges liked her green-bean casserole and thought she was showing improvement in her presentation skills.

Rodney chose to make a pie for the Star Challenge, a berry-rhubarb pie. And ... the judges really loved it, every bit of it. It was a good thing they did, because they thought his presentation to the Gastronauts was bonkers. Rodney thought it would be funny to pretend that he mistakenly thought that the Gastronauts were "astronauts," and waste half of his one-minute presentation time with shtick. You can watch Rodney's pitch to the Gastronauts at the top of this post.

That left Chad and Russell at the bottom of the pack.

The judges still think Russell has potential but they have seen no sign of progress from Chad.

Chad was sent home.