Viet heeded advice about exploiting his "Iron Chef" victory in his pitch to the burger enthusiasts. And when the judges liked his Banh Mi burger, too.

Chris dropped his "compassionate cuisine' patter from the first episode and replaced it with yelling a He blew his burger pitch but redeemed himself with a great Korean-style burger.

“Lovely” continues to perplex the judges. They acknowledge that she connects with focus-groups while finding her "fake and gimmicky."

Rodney again scored points with his ready-made "Pie Man" persona. The judges and the focus group find him likable. Rodney was told that he needs to work on slowing down his speech and that just because he's "Pie Man," not everything he makes has to be a pie. They didn't like his burger.

Damaris was told not to shimmy when making her presentation. She shimmied. It turned the focus group off. She vowed not to shimmy again.

Which left, as the bottom three:

Danushka Lysek, Andres Guillama and Nikki Dinki

Nikki fell from the top 3 right to the bottom 3 in one week. Her "semi-vegetarian" philosophy didn't  connect with the focus group and her (mostly) vegetable burger was bad, the judges thought. But they kept her.

Danushka continues to actively repel focus groups with her weird yet somehow compelling persona. "You can't look away," Alton Brown said. "But it hurts to look." The judges likes her burger, though, which was enough to keep her safe.

But Andres learned too late that his impressive weight loss was something voters and viewers could relate to, or in his case, the only thing. He was sent home.