DC: "You would." 

After Branson says he's confused and frustrated by social rules: "If I were to search for logic, I should not look for it among the English upper class."

No explanation needed: "Guilt has never played a major part in my life."


More proof she's awful: Edna's insubordination is sort of ridiculous. After Hughes requests that she helps one of the guests, Edna says "I'm not sure I have time." Edna, it's your job. 

Scariest moment: Patmore having a little heart attack as she panicked in the kitchen. It gave me a little heart attack, too. Love me some Patmore. 

Already annoying storyline: More Ivy-Daisy-Jimmy-Alfred weird love rectangle situations. Jimmy trying to impress by opening a jar and then falling on his back? Already done with this. 

Most annoying Edith moment: On Gregson talking about learning German to prepare for his move: "I can't get over the fact that you're doing all this to be with me." Get over it, Edith. He's doing it. 

Lady Rose's only purpose this episode: "I love jazz!"

Most touching Mary moment: Confessing to Anna that, "Sometimes I don't know whom I'm most in mourning for: Matthew or the person I used to be when I was with him." Anna reminds her that she's strong. 

How Gregson gets in Robert's good graces: He figures out that Sampson is cheating with cards, wins back the money everyone lost  and gives it back to Robert, Gillingham and Sir John. Later, Robert tells Cora that he likes Gregson because he behaved "gentlemanly." Translation: "I like him because now I don't have to tell you that I gambled more of your money away."

Most puzzling confession: Gregson tells Edith that he was able to expose Sampson because he "revived a dubious talent from my misspent youth." Like, he was a street urchin?