Stumbling around the grounds, he runs into the thugs the team beat, who are about to beat him to a pulp until Thomas runs in, offers himself up and lets Jimmy run away.

Thomas is beaten badly and taken back to Downton. Jimmy decides to swallow his pride and visit Thomas, who's recuperating in bed.

"I can never give you what you want," Jimmy says.

"I understand that. I do. And I don't ask for that," Thomas responds. But he wants to be friends, and Jimmy, finally, say that he can do that.

It was quite a touching scene, especially with Jimmy starting to read the newspaper to his injured new friend.

But I wonder what's going to happen with these two. All throughout the season, I had a friend who was guessing that Jimmy and Thomas would hook up. Is that even a possibility for Season 4? If not, will Thomas find someone to be with?

It's just another reason to look forward to next season. You're excited, right?


Best Dowager line: The Dowager didn't have quite as many great quotes this episode compared to the rest of the season, but she did have concern about Branson staying behind at Downton: "I know he's housebroken, more or less, but I don't want freedom to go to his head." I wonder how she would have dealt with the Edna situation?

Best glare: Carson, when Jimmy and Alfred ask if they will be able to get a break with the family away.

Best way to describe the decor of Duneagle: Guns, shotguns, elk heads, more guns, swords and guns.

Worst part of going to Scotland: Is it necessary to not only have bagpipes play before dinner but also in the morning? Side note: My roommate, who plays bagpipes (really) says the tune played in the dining room is called "Black Bear."

Best reaction to bagpipes in the morning: "Bloody hell" -- Robert

Bitchiest Thomas comment: While most the staff is surprised by Patmore having a man interested in her, Ivy says, "Why not? She's a woman isn't she?" Thomas' reply: "Only technically."

Biggest understatement: The hunting guide says, "We don't rush things at Duneagle." Seriously. The trip seemed to last forever.

Meanest Mary comment: "He's not one of your hard luck cases is he?" -- to Edith when talking about Gregson.

Best Susan put down:  Shrimpy: "Stop it! Stop making everyone so unhappy all the bloody time!" Our words exactly.

What did you think of the Season 3 finale? What do you want to see happen next season? Post your comments below!