Wilkins' O'Brien-esque revenge: attempting to (heavily) spke her drink at the ball. O'Brien takes one sip and knows what's up (poor Moseley, who downs the drink, goes for another, makes a fool of himself dancing, and then passes out). O'Brien later tells Wilkins, in a roundabout way, how awful she is.

Yikes. Does this mean O'Brien will actually be nicer in Season 4?

Bates and Anna: There wasn't much for Bates and Anna to do this episode, since they're, you know, happy. They walk the grounds, picnic, offer Lady Rose a peppermint/advice when they catch her crying, and generally smile a lot.

Though it was pretty cute to see Anna get Scottish reel dancing lessons from Rose so she can impress Bates at the ball. Turns out Bates' grandmother is Scottish. How sweet.

Meanwhile at Downton:

While the family's away, Branson is stuck by himself with the staff, baby Sybil, the dog and flirty new maid Edna. Really, first there's Edith, then Ethel and now Edna. Please, no more "E" names.

Edna instantly is a bit too familiar with Branson. She endlessly asks Mrs. Hughes about him, his lower-class upbringing, who Lady Sybil was, etc. She also tries to get in his good graces by reminding him of the man he once was, and tries to make him feel guilty about who he is now.

She also annoyingly pronounces Sybil as "Sy-beeeeel."

She even goes as far as to kiss Branson, who is taken aback, but throughout Edna's machinations doesn't really discourage her. Finally, Hughes decides it's time to let Edna go, tells Branson that there's no reason for him to be ashamed and praises him for adjusting to his new life.

It was extremely tough to see Branson crying over Sybil. "I can't bear to be without her," he confesses to Hughes.

I think he will not only bear it, but thrive at Downton. He kind of has to.

Patmore's gentleman caller: A thoroughly amusing (if random) subplot involved this Jos Tufton character pretending to be in love with Ms. Patmore.

He's a funny guy as he delivers food to Downton. Patmore even calls him a "cheeky devil." But when he invites her to a fair, his true colors come out as he flirts with every single woman there. "I love to be in love!" he says.

"You're the cook for me!" he says to Patmore. Not wife. Not woman. The "cook for me."

Later, Hughes tells Patmore about Tufton's real intentions. And, surprisingly, Patmore is relieved. She saw right through this guy's plans. Is it weird it made me really want to see Patmore fall in love?

Clarkson and Isobel: Out of nowhere, Clarkson begins to fall for Isobel (she's a former doctor's wife, he's a doctor. Perfect match, right?). He invited her to the same fair, and after some liquid courage, he begins to float the idea that they could become more than just friends.

Isobel, diplomatically, puts the kibosh on things before Clarkson even gets the chance to clearly tell her his intentions. She's happy with her life, with them being friends, etc. Poor Clarkson.

Still, I wonder now if the loss of her son will change her mind. Will she be looking for love now, for support?

Jimmy and Thomas: It's a year since the great Thomas Kisses Jimmy Incident, and the two appear to have some sort of cease-fire thing going on. Jimmy tries to ignore Thomas whenever he can, though Thomas is still kind to him.

Everything gets heated at the fair (there must have not been a lot going on around the area because the fair was the weekend's hot spot). After Team Downton wins a tug of war (with Thomas' and Tufton's help), Jimmy uses the money he won betting on the match to get drunk.