When she tells Strallan that she's exhausted from all of Mary's wedding planning, Strallan says, "Yes, weddings can be reminders of one's loneliness can't they?" HA!

When Martha Levinson arrives, she sees Edith and instantly says, "Edith, still no one special? Oh well, nevermind. You must take a tip from the modern American girl."

Edith is so deep-down sad that one her sister's wedding day, all she can say to Mary about Matthew is, "Love and position in one handsome package. Who can ask for more?"



Away from the drama is  Bates, still in jail after being convicted of murdering his wife. It seems like all Anna can do is visit him often and try to do a little detective work.

She finds Vera's journal, takes down some names of acquaintances and family members, anyone who might shed any type of light and does her very best to figure things out. She eventually finds one name who might help: a Mrs. Bartlett, who Bates IDs as one of Vera's closet friends.

Anna, you see, doesn't believe Mrs. Bates wouldn't have told anyone that she was going to kill herself (which is what she thinks really happened, so Vera could pin it on Mr. Bates to punish him forever). Maybe this Bartlett has some clues.

Meanwhile, let's just say that Bates is not getting along with his new cellmate, who cowers in the corner of the cell and hates on Bates for some reason. Later, Bates sees him take some money from a guard, and says he won't say anything.

But when the cellmate says he'll "cut" Bates if he does, Bates takes to opportunity to shove him in the corner and threaten him.

On the bright side, Anna bought a nice French garter for herself (and Bates) when she accompanied Matthew and Mary on their honeymoon. So ... that's nice.


No one seems to be happy in the servants' area. In an annoying subplot, Daisy is so fed up with not being named the cook's assistant that she does some sort of weird strike and refuses to help Mrs. Patmore.

Eventually, she stops. And helps out. Because she's Daisy.

Meanwhile, O'Brien brings in her nephew Alfred as the new Ginger Footman. He struggles — with everything. And when O'Brien asks Thomas to help mentor him, Thomas refuses because he, you know, hates helping people.

So Thomas decides to mess with Alfred. He deliberately "teaches" him how to mend one of Matthew's coat tails, which leads to him burning a hole in them. That Alfred shouldn't be able to work his way up so easily, according to Thomas. Because he's a sicko.

O'Brien figures out what Thomas is up to, so she gets revenge by hiding some of Robert's shirts (she has help from Levinson's maid, who's keen on Alfred), so the lordship gets mad at Thomas. Oh, snap. An O'Brien-Thomas war is brewing.


I love me some Mrs. Hughes almost as much as I do Branson, so it was heart-breaking to watch her find a lump in her breast.

Mrs. Patmore accompanies her to the hospital, where the Downton Doc says he'll drain some fluid to see what's going on. Later, he says the test was inconclusive. There's traces of blood in the fluid, but not enough to conclude that it's cancer, but he also can't exclude it. It'll take two months for lab tests to determine what's going on (can you imagine that wait?).