Matthew: "I don't think you understand. Reggie put me int he will because he thought I was Lavinia's one true love. How can I profit from her death?

Mary: "So you're prepared to destroy us in payment for you destroying her?"


Later, Mary says that all of this proves that "God Matthew, you're not on our side. That deep down, you're not on our side. Dramatic throwing off a letter to the floor ... and scene.

Will this be another end to Matthew and Mary? It appears that way, as Mary has Dramatic Moment No. 2 of the episode, when she gets up in the middle of dinner and cries and runs away.

Branson (who made it to the house with Sybil — again, more on this later), goes to talk to Matthew and urges him to marry Mary because they're meant to be together.

"You won't be happy with anyone else as long as Lady Mary walks the earth," he tells Matthew. Aw Branson. When you're not all radically political, you're very "Notebook."

Matthew agrees and rushes to Mary's room where he says what Branson told him and that he believes Mary feels the same. "Can I kiss you? Because I need to. Very much." Yeah, I was a sap for this scene.

Mary agrees but holds on to the superstition that the bride and groom cannot see each other before the wedding. So, with both eyes closed, they kiss, though Mary takes a peek to make sure Matthew isn't cheating. He's not and she smiles.

Marriage on! In a very touching scene, Mary walks down the Downton stairs and her father and Carson watch her, with their mouths wide open.

"Will I do, Carson?" she asks.

"Very nicely, my lady," he says.

The town all makes it out to applaud the carriage as Mary rides to the wedding. I know Downton employs them all and feeds them and whatnot, but did they even know Mary? Did they meet her and like her? Oh well.

All this and — major bone to pick — we don't actually see the vows exchanged?! Sure, we get to see Mary walk down the aisle and Matthew smile at her, but you'd think they would have let fans see the actual "I Do's."

Flash forward and the couple are returning from their honeymoon in the south of France — and with a fancy new car.

"How was the honeymoon?" Robert asks

"My eyes have been opened" Matthew responds

"Don't I know it" Robert replies.

Kind of sweet, but kind of eww.

Matthew wastes no time in telling Robert that he has heard about the financial difficulties. He also tells Robert about the Swire will, but that he can't take the money. Robert seems to understand.