James Maslow, Peta Murgatroyd (Adam Taylor / ABC / April 14, 2014)

Ugh. Disney songs and Donny Osmond. This is not going to be my favorite night. They've given the show the traditional Disney opening, with a mirror ball behind Cinderella's castle. The pros start the night with a medley of Disney songs. Donny Osmond is introduced as guest judge.

Charlie and Sharna are safe, then Drew and Cheryl get their good news.

Drew Carey & Cheryl Burke, Quickstep

From "Aladdin," "Friend Like Me"

Drew and Cheryl are glad to be back together this week. Drew keeps a faster pace than I might've expected. At one point, he and Cheryl are dancing fairly far apart and I'm trying to figure out why, when all of a sudden the Genie is dancing between them. Animated, that is. Oh, this is going to happen all night, isn't it? It's gonna be a looooong night.

Len Goodman says that normally he'd pick on them for breaking hold this week, but because of the animation he'll let it pass. Len says the performance had a lot of zip but the technique was not great.

Donny says the quickstep is his least favorite dance. (Boo. Quickstep is one of my favorites.) Donny also says he's going to be judging on performance more than technique. Then he gives technical notes about arm placement that he got when he was a contestant.

Carrie Ann likes the team being back together. However, she admonishes Drew for his "I'm lost in the routine" face.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 7; Len: 7; Donny: 7; Bruno: 7

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess, Jazz

From "Mary Poppins," "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

Charlie has learned the lesson of Samson and he must never slick it down again. Charlie's got a cane and Sharna has a parasol. They do some neat tricks tossing them back and forth to each other. It looks great until Charlie misses a catch and has to chase it down. When the song gets super super fast near the end, they get backup dancers. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Donny says it was an amazing performance. He adds with anguish, "I was so worried you were going to drop the cane and then you dropped the cane." Bruno wants him to do the routine again because it was so, so good except for the one mistake with the cane.

Carrie Ann notes the warp speed at which they were dancing. Len says he's not worried about the cane drop because that was a fantastic performance.

Erin reveals that the live performance was the first time Charlie dropped the cane.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 10; Donny: 9; Bruno: 9

Len says, "It's Disney night, so dreams can come true." I love you, Len.

Tom Bergeron comments that he liked the slow-mo replay of the cane miss from the "Salt in the wound" portion of the show. Oh, Tom. I love you, too.

More results: Amy and Derek are safe. So are Danica and Val. NeNe and Tony are "in jeopardy." Cody and Witney are also "in jeopardy." Cody mutters to Witney, "Toldya."

Danica McKellar & Valentin Chmerkovski, Quickstep