The judges are vaguely complimentary. As Tom pitches to commercial, Maks starts fingering Tom's ear. It's exactly as gross and titillating as it sounds.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Bruno: 9

As Kirstie thanked the veterans when talking to Brooke, the camera cut away to those six servicemen (Marines) in the front row. You know what would have been even more awesome, DWTS? Filling the whole ballroom with servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

Oh hey, Tom calls out a couple of Marines who are going to be guest starring on "The Middle" this week. I love that show. If you aren't already watching it, give it a try. I'm president of the Sue Heck fan club.

Kelly Monaco & Val ChmerkovskiyViennese Waltz

Kelly's confidence is waning and she's looking very fatigued and frustrated in rehearsals.

I think they're both in yellow as sort of a tribute to the "yellow ribbon." It's a beautiful routine and when they both end up lying on the floor at the end, Val gets very handsy with Kelly.

Len said it flowed nicely, but the movements were sometimes a little bit sharp and he would've liked a little bit more... but he's cut off. Bruno compliments her shapes and blames any "sharpness" on Kelly feeling the emotion of the dance. Carrie Ann says Kelly is "the spirit of the show" because of her improvement from week to week.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9.5; Len: 9; Bruno: 9.5

Gilles Marini & Peta MurgatroydQuickstep

In rehearsal, Gilles and Peta talk about how they've been sliding down the leaderboard and they want a perfect score this week. Peta says that the quickstep should play to Gilles's strength in his good frame.

Gilles is wearing a flight suit, mostly unzipped and they are doing the quickstep to "Danger Zone" from Top Gun. Now I've seen it all. This song is really sped up from its normal version. Peta's wearing pants too and it's interesting to see the female part of the quickstep with that kind of definition instead of when the legs are under a long skirt.

Bruno talks about a section in the middle of the dance that was "absolutely fantastic" and crows about how fast it was. Carrie Ann says it was so close and Len and Bruno both react like she's insane. She insists that he was wobbly during some of the fastest steps. Len agrees with Bruno.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9.5; Len: 10; Bruno: 10

Gilles says "67 years ago the American army came to Europe to free my country or today I would speak a very different language. So, I owe you the world and I'm in the best place ever." Gilles is such a class act.

Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke
Viennese Waltz

Cheryl makes a point of working on Emmitt's upper body in rehearsals this week. Emmitt talks to his old buddy and teammate Daryl Johnston, in a bit of rehearsal montage filler.

Emmitt and Cheryl aren't dressed in any sort of quasi-military garb and their song isn't military related either. Did they miss the memo or just choose to ignore it?

Carrie Ann says it was smooth but that Emmitt did slip a little bit during part of the routine. Then she gets into a spat with Len about whether or not Len was mumbling during her comments. Carrie Ann wants to see more improvement from Emmitt. Len liked his balance in and out of hold, but would've liked more fluidity in his arm and does note the slip. Bruno liked it as well, but is in agreement on the slight stumble.