Emma's outfit covers as little of her body as is possible. She's doing Peta proud.

Maks says the musical interpretation was amazing and so was the dance. Maks gives credit to Emma for her work with Bill. Len says Bill may not have the skill to win, but he has the will to win. Then he says to Emma, "It's one thing if you've got a 24-year-old guy to work with," but that she's nurtured Bill fantastically. Bruno says that they set the mood and played it straight, with good, full content to the routine. Carrie Ann liked that Bill didn't joke around and that he didn't miss a beat.

Judges' Scores: Carrie Ann: 8; Len: 8; Maks: 8; Bruno: 8

Back to Len's comment: Corbin is 24. Is that Len's not-so-subtle way of letting Karina know she shouldn't get so full of herself when she was handed a certifiable ringer? I hope so. I like when Len gets catty.

Amber Riley & Derek Hough

Viennese Waltz -- with reappearance by Kerli

Amber says growing up, it was either singing or dancing -- her family couldn't afford both. Amber recounts some of the horrible things casting directors have said to her, criticizing her hair, her skin color and her weight.

This arrangement of the song, with its bells, has a real fairytale feel to it and Derek is emphasizing that in his choreography. It's a smart choice for the Viennese Waltz. I have my usual complaint about too much dry ice obscuring a good look at footwork.

Len brings up the dry ice because we are on the same curmudgeon wavelength. Otherwise, the judges love it.

Judges' Scores: Carrie Ann: 10; Len: 10; Maks: 10; Bruno: 10


Amber & Derek: 39 + 40 = 79; Corbin & Karina: 35 + 40= 75; Jack & Cheryl: 33 + 38 = 71; Leah & Tony: 32 + 33 = 65; Bill & Emma: 28 + 32 = 60

I'm worried for Leah & Tony, since they didn't put more separation between themselves and Bill & Emma.


The first couple through to the finals is Corbin & Karina. Duh. Next couple is Amber & Derek: Also no duh. The third couple through to the finals is Jack & Cheryl. Jack seems genuinely chuffed by the results.

We're told Bill & Emma and Leah & Tony are not necessarily the bottom two. And the Bill Engvall Dance Juggernaut continues, taking down Leah & Tony.


Well, our winner is clearly going to be either Amber or Corbin. Technically, Corbin is the better dancer, but I think Amber is more winning personality-wise. Corbin seems sweet and nice, but Amber has more sparkle.