Oh, so Bruno decides NOW to care if people miss steps (which I didn't see and neither did Carrie Ann). Carrie Ann didn't like one of Sabrina's "dismounts" though. Paula talks about how Sabrina looks. Because that's what her dance experience brings to the table. She also claims to have seen missteps. DID THEY SUDDENLY ALL GET LASIK AFTER BRISTOL'S ROUTINE???

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Bruno: 9; Paula: 8.5

Ha! During the interview with Brooke after the scores are announced, Tony, Karina, and Cheryl are in the back doing disco arm moves. I like when people are loose and having fun.

Emmitt Smith & Cheryl Burke
Bolero, as chosen by Kelly & Val

Tom describes bolero as "the Cuban dance of love." Cheryl admits after last week's show that bolero isn't one of the dance styles she's trained in. Cheryl's brought in other dancers to rehearse with them, which I'm glad they were allowed to do. 

Southern speech from Emmitt this week: "Will" is two syllables. I had a gym teacher in middle school who could make the word "ten" stretch to at least four syllables.

Watching this routine, I'm still not sure I know exactly what a Bolero is supposed to be - maybe a faster rumba? That's what they seem to have ended up doing.

Carrie Ann calls Emmitt dramatic and sexy and says she liked his lines. Len was concerned about the bolero for Emmitt, but says Emmitt had fluidity and liked the lifts. Paula says it was "exquisite" and "sensual." And then she tells Cheryl she's beautiful. Gotta make sure to talk about appearance, our Paula. Bruno gesticulates wildly, which (in this instance) means he liked it.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Bruno: 9; Paula: 9

Gilles Marini & Peta Murgatroyd
Bollywood, as chosen by Bristol & Mark

Peta admits at the beginning of rehearsals that she's scared of Bollywood, so it makes sense when she brings in a Bollywood expert. Rehearsal doesn't look like it went smoothly. Let's hope they've pulled it together.

They start out backlit in front of a curtain, so their arm movements make them look like a Hindu statues—it’s pretty cool. They do a kind of awkward lift and I wasn't aware Bollywood had a lot of lifts in hold.  Oooh, I just noticed they're both shoeless - is this the first ever barefoot dance on DWTS? You just about can't get the kids at So You Think You Can Dance to put on shoes.

Len admits he knows nothing about Bollywood dancing but he liked the dance Gilles did. He praises Gilles' willingness to commit to any dance he's given. Paula does her best Bruno impression which is diminished somewhat by Bruno just being Bruno next to her and doing it better. Bruno says stylistically it was perfection. Carrie Ann starts with "Namaste" and then compares him to Aladdin. You know, Aladdin, the not-at-all Indian character? Kind of from a different continent, even?

Scores: Carrie Ann:  10; Len 9.5;  Bruno: 10; Paula: 10

I'm not sure it was THAT good, but I appreciate that they want to reward Gilles for tackling a difficult and never-done style with aplomb.

Melissa Rycroft &  Tony Dovolani
Jitterbug, as chosen by Apolo & Karina

Melissa gets to go home and see her husband and daughter - her daughter is at that "I've just discovered how to blow raspberries" stage. It's cute. We can tell from rehearsal that they're going to put a lot of lifts into this routine.

They're going for a "soda shop" theme and it DELIGHTS me to see Tony in one of those pointy "food service" hats.  Melissa almost hits the floor during one of her lifts, but Tony gets his hand under her neck just in time. Then a couple of lifts later, they obviously are meant to transition from one lift to another but biff the second one. This may be a record for most lifts attempted in a DWTS routine.

Paula says they look like brother and sister - which I've never seen before, but she's kinda right. Paula mentions the one lift they had trouble with. Bruno calls the lifts "ambitious" and says she was always on the beat. Carrie Ann compliments Tony on his choreography this season. She's not wrong - he's done much better, but then again, he's got a better partner than he usually gets. Len says he'd rather they "fail going for it" than playing everything safe. Len concludes his remarks with, "You've made Little Lenny very happy." That is more than I ever wanted to know.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Bruno: 9.5; Paula: 9.5