Bruno says it was absolutely and utterly sensational. He acknowledges that it wasn't a traditional foxtrot but that it could've come off of Broadway. Carrie Ann praises the singer because, apparently, that false eyelash migrated into her ear and deafened her.  She then praises the dance.

Len says it didn't have enough of the dance in hold and that it didn't have enough foxtrot content. He also points out how many of the other celebrities this week had to learn a ballroom frame and did a good job of it.

Judges' Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 7; Bruno: 10

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Val Chmerkovskiy


Elizabeth's most memorable year was 2012, when her baby boy was born. He shows up at rehearsal wearing a flat cap and I'll allow it because babies in old man clothes are adorable. She's tying this routine into her most memorable year professionally, 1989, when she landed her first big break on "Saved by the Bell."

She and Val start the routine vamping on the "Jesse takes caffeine pills" episode of "Saved by the Bell." And then Elizabeth rips off her outfit to reveal '80s clothes. There is so much pop culture being mish-mashed together here that I can't even begin to explain it to my exchange student.

Carrie Ann enjoyed the time warp, but not the kicks. She also points out some bobbles from Elizabeth in the routine. Len liked her kicks and thought the routine was clean. Bruno echoes Carrie Ann's happy feelings of nostalgia.

Judges' Scores: Carrie Ann: 8; Len: 9; Bruno: 9

Tonight's Scores

Corbin & Karina: 28

Christina & Mark: 28

Jack & Cheryl: 27

Nicole & Sasha: 27

Brant & Peta: 27

Amber & Derek: 26

Elizabeth & Val:  26

Bill Engvall & Emma: 24

Leah & Tony: 22


Tom lowers the boom on Elizabeth and Val as they stand in front of the judges, telling them that those scores, combined with the viewer votes, puts them in jeopardy.

Given that we already know a female star got the fewest number of votes, Leah should also be shaking in her boots after her low score tonight. But maybe Elizabeth's "in jeopardy" status means good news for Leah.

All the couples are gathered on the stage and Tom reels off a bunch of couples that are safe: Corbin & Karina, Amber & Derek, Bill & Emma, Jack & Cheryl, Brant & Peta, and Nicole & Sasha.

Those six couples that have been announced as safe are sent off stage. Left on the stage and in jeopardy are Elizabeth & Val, Christina & Mark, and Leah & Tony.

Elizabeth & Val are announced safe. When Brooke points out that Christina is tonight's top scorer and Leah is tonight's bottom scorer, Leah can't help but chuckle ruefully.  

I'd love to see Leah stay, but the math makes it hard to foresee that result.

When Tom says it's Christina and Mark going home, I literally gasped a "WHOAAA" in my living room. If she had the top score and lost out to the dancer with the lowest score, she REALLY REALLY had no fan base. Or is it a swell of Ballas-backlash? I'd like to take partial credit for that. I mean, guest judge Julianne Hough would get the lion's share of the credit, but I helped.


I have no idea. None. This new scoring method is certainly making things less predictable.