There's a lot of medical talk about Bill's injury. It boils down to -- he tore the heck out of his thigh muscle. The doctor says he shouldn't dance. Bill says, "People don't regret what they do, they regret what they don't do." Oh, Bill. I regret lots of things I've done. About 80% of them are the third glass of wine.

Bill IS going to dance tonight, wearing a brace that immobilizes his leg. Therefore, Tyne has to come up with "peg leg" choreography.

Bill gives it his all, but it's understandably awkward. Tyne is dancing enough for TWO women.

Carrie Ann says tonight they've seen great dances and great spirit, and Bill showed great spirit. I love how much the judges are praising Tyne's creative choreography given the limitations.

Judges' Scores: Carrie Ann: 6; Len: 5; Bruno: 5

Len clarifies that his score does not reflect his admiration for the man. Bruno echoes that sentiment.

Tonight's Scores

Brant & Peta: 27

Corbin & Karina: 26

Christina & Mark: 26

Elizabeth & Val:  25

Nicole & Sasha: 25

Leah & Tony:  24

Bill Engvall & Emma: 24

Amber & Derek: 24

Jack & Cheryl: 22

Bill Nye & Tyne: 16

Valerie & Tristan: 16

Those scores count with the votes from last week. I don't like this -- it makes the fan votes even more explicitly about popularity, instead of the merit of the performances.


Christina & Mark, Brant & Peta, and Bill & Tyne are all in jeopardy. Everybody else is safe.

WHOA. There are WAY more people voting for Valerie Harper than I expected.

I hope Brant & Peta stay, simply because Brant is funny. And, YAY, they're the next couple announced as safe. Peta looks completely gobsmacked.

Boo - there's no way Mark's going home this early, so it's probably time to say goodbye to Bill Nye.

Brooke points out that these two couples are not necessarily the bottom two.

To not-much-surprise, it is Bill & Tyne that are eliminated. Bill says his biggest regret in being eliminated is that Tyne won't get to continue in the competition in the season.


Personally, I'm ready to see Valerie go home, but if she's still mobilizing votes, I'm guessing it's Jack that goes home next week. At least, I hope tonight's spot "in jeopardy" will motivate Brant's voting bloc. He's smart, funny and a good dancer. Let's keep him around, America.