Elizabeth Berkley Lauren & Val Chmerkovskiy

with Gleb Savchenko


This team definitely wins the "most letters required for dancers' names" award.  I like the parts when they're dancing as three separate people better than when they're alternating pairing up in hold.

Carrie Ann loves how in control Elizabeth was. Len says it was fantastic. Bruno says it was her best dance.

Judges' Scores: Carrie Ann: 10; Len: 10; Bruno: 10 

I'm kind of bummed no one brought in a celebrity the same gender as the celebrity.


Corbin & Karina: 28 + 30 = 58

Elizabeth & Val: 26 + 30 = 56

Jack & Cheryl: 29 + 25 = 54

Leah & Tony: 27 + 27 = 54

Amber & Derek: 24 + 27 = 51

Bill & Emma: 21 + 21 + 42

Huh. Leah picked the right week to surge and Amber's inability to resource as much as usual really seems to have hurt her. 


Next week is the semi-finals, can you believe it? Corbin & Karina and Jack & Cheryl are safe. Elizabeth & Val are in jeopardy. Amber & Derek and Leah & Tony are safe. Which means Bill & Emma are also in jeopardy.

Brooke tells us these are "not necessarily the bottom two." It better not be Elizabeth going home. I like Bill, but I've watched him dance enough and I want to see Elizabeth dance more. 

OMIGOSH. It's Elizabeth & Val going home. Emma is visibly shocked and upset. If the judges don't want Bill to stick around, they have to get serious about scoring him an appropriate amount lower than the other dances who can actually dance. They cut back to Emma while Elizabeth is talking and Emma is either crying or about to.

When the judges get outraged about results like this all I can think is, "Well, you should've scored him honestly against the other dancers." If what Leah & Tony are doing is worth 9s, Bill's routines should be getting 6s or even 5s. 


The judges get real with their Bill scores next week in case tonight's scores weren't low enough to compensate for his clearly huge fan base. If I were Amber, I'd be nervous, given her uncharacteristic next-to-last placement tonight by the judges.