Amy's most memorable year is, duh, the year she lost her legs to bacterial meningitis. Not only did she lose her legs, she lost both her kidneys as well and required a transplant from her dad. (Nerdy quilter note: I love the modified flying geese pattern quilt in one of her old pictures.)

She's changed her feet this week, so that they have pointed toes. That's both weird and cool, being able to change your feet.

They are not shying away at all from showing her legs and feet. I think it's great that they've been doing that. The effect of the pointed toes is amazing -it makes her look like she's dancing a lot of the dance en pointe like a ballerina. After the routine, Amy walks over and hugs her dad and then you can see him mouthing, "I'm so proud of her." Awwwww.  

Robin looks stunned with emotion. Bruno says it was heart-wrenching and inspirational. And then he calls it miraculous. Carrie Ann calls her inspiring and points out the challenge of Amy balancing on the toes instead of the flat feet. Len says it touched his brain with the level of difficulty and his heart with the level of artistry. Robin says there aren't enough superlatives. Robin's voice is breaking as she gives her comments and that's impressive given how composed Robin usually seems.

Fun fact: it's Amy's parent's 41st wedding anniversary today. Nice present, kid. They'll never forget it.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Robin: 9; Bruno: 9

I'm kinda surprised they didn't pick up a 10 somewhere.

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess

Charlie's most memorable year was 2010 because they achieved only the silver at the Olympics that year and it gave him and Meryl the resolve to go for the gold the next Olympics. 

Charlie starts his routine backstage, solo, and dances with various people on his way to the stage, where Sharna is waiting.  In case you're wondering about his rolled up pants, it's imitating Pharrell Williams's style, whose song "Happy" Charlie is dancing to.

Great dance! So much fun and Charlie is so light on his feet, so bouncy.

Carrie Ann loved the way he worked the room and how in sync he and Sharna were, but then she says Charlie was off the music at time. Len loved it and had no problem with the timing.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Robin: 9; Bruno: 9

Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas

Candace says the most memorable year of her life was 1995, when "Full House" ended and two months later she got engaged to her husband. Aw, Lori Laughlin and Andrea Barber are there to wish Candace luck during rehearsals. Kimmy!

This is not great. Candace's footwork isn't as sharp as it needs to be and their transition into one of the throws is terrible. Her feet are all over the place and not as sharp and strong as they need to be. Mark does a forward flip at one point, because for Mark it's about showcasing Mark as much as or more than his partner.

Len liked the pace, but wanted more bounce. Robin says it was snazzy. Bruno says she needed cleaner footwork. Bruno gets me. Carrie Ann agrees with the other judges and says Candace needs to pull her shoulders back more. She guesses that it might be because Candace isn't entirely comfortable wearing heels and is putting her weight forward for balance. Or maybe she just has bad posture normally? I dunno. She's only 5'2" - she should be standing up just as tall and straight as she can get.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8; Len: 8; Robin: 8; Bruno: 8 


Meryl & Maks: 39
Charlie & Sharna: 36
James & Peta: 36
Amy & Derek: 36
Danica & Val: 36
Cody & Witney: 35
Candace & Mark: 32
NeNe & Tony: 31
Drew & Cheryl: 30 

There isn't any point in trying to make predictions, since this week's scores are only half the picture. I'm most nervous for Drew, though, because Cheryl is the best of the female pros at choreography for challenging celebrities. And if he's low man this week, I don't know that that will improve next week. However, he probably has a pretty decent-sized fan base. So, it's almost impossible to predict.