Scores: Carrie Ann: 8; Len: 8; Julianne: 9; Bruno: 8

Derek Hough has taken over the Macy's Stars of Dance numbers, which is something that was missing from last season. This week's performance will have tango and paso doble elements and will also incorporate special slow-motion camera work. This routine also involves men in low slung jeans not wearing shirts. Bruno and I wholeheartedly approve.

This is some compelling choreography, but the slow-motion camera work either isn't happening or isn't that obvious.

Danica McKellar & Maksim Chmerkovski, Jive

Danica swaps one Chmerkovskiy for another. She thought that maybe working with the brothers would be easy because they would teach alike. But they're very different. Apparently Val explains things and Maks just says "Do!" I can understand why Danica needs explanations and Meryl just takes directions. It's the difference between someone who's often been immersed in academia and someone who's been taking directions from coaches for 17 years.

Danica starts out on the stage with two of the female troupe dancers, then at one point she disappears behind a jukebox, loses her skirt, dances with the troupe members some more, goes over to Maks and then back over to the jukebox, where Val sweeps her up in his arms.

Tom points out that there was a problem with their musical cue at the beginning of the routine. I rewound and rewatched it twice and it wasn't obvious to me, so I'm not sure what he's referring to.

When Tom asks the judges to factor in the music-cue problem, Carrie Ann says she's already turned in her score. Carrie Ann does mention that Danica was a little ahead of the music. Len didn't like all the goofing around (I knew he wouldn't.)

Julianne lays it out harsh and says that she felt like Maks might be phoning it in this week, just waiting to get back to Meryl next week. She hints at, but does not say, that the routine featured Maks more than it did Danica. That's certainly true of the camerawork. Julianne then adds that she can't wait for Danica to get back to Val. Bruno hollers, "That's my girl." Bruno says that Danica and Maks did a good job covering the glitch at the beginning of the routine.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8; Len: 8; Julianne: 8; Bruno: 8

Charlie White & Peta Murgatroyd, Rumba

Peta tries to sneak up on Charlie, but he says he knows Peta by her laugh. Charlie is hoping Peta and he will think alike because they're both blond. Charlie says the sexy thing doesn't come very natural to him.

Peta and Charlie both have their hair slicked back and they look disconcertingly alike. It's like some "Flowers in the Attic" sexydancing up in here.

Len says it wasn't enough of a rumba for him, more like a contemporary dance, even though he liked it. Julianne thought it was a good rumba, but she points out a "picky" detail about Charlie's feet, that he's putting the weight on his heels instead of the balls of his feet.

Bruno agrees with this and adds that having the weight in the wrong place is what's affecting Charlie's hip action, or lack thereof.  Carrie Ann says that there's no question that Charlie is a beautiful dancer but that what they just danced wasn't a rumba. She also says she noticed a lift. Peta's face shows that she's just devastated by the judges' comments.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 7; Len: 8; Julianne: 9; Bruno: 9

Amy Purdy & Mark Ballas, Salsa

Amy's wearing the same feet she did last week, spending the entire dance on tiptoes. It's impressive to me that she's balancing only on the balls of her feet. I mean, I suppose they could put high heels on the feet or put the feet into shoes with high heels. I wonder if that would be more or less difficult for her.

Julianne compliments Amy's "tight ass." Oh my. Bruno tells her about her "hot hips." Bruno compliments her footwork, especially given how much content Mark put in the routine. Len says "your bottom is the top."

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 8; Julianne: 8; Bruno: 9