And now it's professional cutie pie smart aleck Josh Groban singing the hit off his new best-selling album. I forget, from his acting gigs and own personality, that he's such an earnest singer. Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry Chaplin are doing a contemporary routine while he sings and I remain concerened about all these bare feet in the ballroom.

From his interview we find out that next week Jacoby will be doing the rumba. He's going to be bringing his softer side. And his posture, he hollers out to Len.

Then we find out there's a thing called the "MurgaLowe" which is based on a still image of Sean and Peta doing the inchworm in rehearsal. They're both face down on the floor, with their butts up in the air. People are copying the pose and sending pictures to Sean and Peta. They end the montage with a picture of Tom and Brooke posing on the stage steps. Brooke chides Tom that he needs to "work on his form." And she should know better, because Tom immediately fires back, "My butt doesn't move like yours, Brooke!" I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

Dorothy and Tristan are safe. Andy and Sharna are in jeopardy.

The three couples in jeopardy are up on stage and the first couple announced as safe are Andy and Sharna. She's very excited, even more than him.

Then Tom announces that something was confirmed during the last break and he brings Dorothy and Tristan back out and are asked to come down immediately to Tom and Brooke.

On the advice of her spine surgeon, Dorothy is withdrawing from the competition. She's crying, her husband in the audience is crying, and Andy Dick is tearing up too. Dorothy is gracious throughout her farewell speech.

Tom tells us that one of the couples would have been eliminated, but has a one-week reprieve. But doesn't tell us which couple! Who do you think would've gone home? I'm guessing Victor, maybe.

See you next week for "prom night." Oh, the stories from prom.