James & Peta and Amy & Derek, Jive

Amy and James work together, talking about how she needs to dance with a partner. Then, when she's doing a move with James, his ankle gives out and they fall to the floor together. She's OK, though.

This routine feature A LOT of synchronization and it seems to be pretty on, as far as I can tell. It helps that Amy and Peta are almost exactly the same height. It's also cool that when Amy and James do their "solo," they're dancing in hold the whole time and doing a lot of straight-up, no-frills jive content.

Bruno calls it extraordinary. Carrie Ann points out that when Amy & Peta switched partners, they were dancing so much alike that it was almost unnoticeable. Carrie Ann also points out a small flub James had at the very beginning, but then compliments the quartet on the level height of their knees.

Len says "It's everything and more that he could have wished to see." Abby Lee calls it brilliant.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 10; Abby Lee; 10; Bruno: 10

Candace & Mark are safe and she goes apenuts. Danica & Val are eliminated. I blame the rib. Boooooooooo. If we hadn't seen the injury in the rehearsal footage, I'd've wondered if Candace had pulled a Tonya Harding on Danica.


Amy & Derek: 40 + 39 = 79

Charlie & Sharna: 40 + 38 = 78

James & Peta: 36 + 39 = 75

Candace & Mark: 36 + 38 = 74

Meryl & Maks: 36 +34 = 70

Whoa. I hadn't realized until I was putting together the scoreboard that Meryl & Maks were not only last, but last by so much. I swear, if Meryl goes home next week I'll… I'll… swear and then complain about it here.

Next week is "American Icons" night. Kenny Ortega will be the guest judge. And I'll cackle and spit when Candace survives another week.