Bruno calls her "Amazing Amy" and calls the dance "spellbinding," with power, control, precision,and immersion into the character. He concludes with "Perfection!" Carrie Ann says she stopped breathing three times during the routine.  Len says to Tom, "If I'm dreaming, don't wake me up."

I remain amazed that when Amy dances on her "high heel" feet, it's essentially like she's dancing en pointe, which is a whole different way of dancing than what Derek is used to choreographing for and totally affects balance and hold. Forget all the stuff about how "inspirational" she is, it's utterly FASCINATING from a technical standpoint, both for her dancing and Derek's teaching and choreography.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10; Len: 10; Abby Lee; 10; Bruno: 10

Celebrity Dance Duel

Tom's been deepening his voice all night when teasing this segment, so now that's in my head.

Meryl & Maks and Danica & Val, Samba

Danica tells Meryl that the way to deal with the Chmerkovskiy brothers is to filter out the insults. Maks takes offense at this, because he is a first-rate prima donna. Danica looks exasperated and tells Val privately that she thought they were all a family and families fight.

THEN into the rehearsal studio walks Sofiya, grandmother to the brothers. This should be good. Grab 'em both by the ears, Gramma, and tell them to be nice to the young ladies. The boys look really surprised and delighted to see her.

Early on in the dance, we see Meryl turn the wrong way and bump into Maks. Whoops.

After the dance, we see Sofiya in the audience next to a tall guy with a beard who looks like he could be the scholarly Chmerkovskiy brother. Which is to say SUPER HOT.

Len loved all the "proper samba" in the routine and adds that the technique was terrific, but the synchronicity was off. Abby Lee criticizes the arm placement of the women when the men weren't on the floor and Val chafes a bit at the criticism.

They show Sofiya and the burlyman again and I have a new crush. Bruno says it was a sexy samba. Carrie Ann liked the content, but there were issues with the synchronicity and the coordination of movements between the two stars.

Tom goes over to talk to Sofiya and calls the guy sitting next to her "Teddy." Is he Teddy Volynets? The former troupe member? Because if he is, I TOTALLY APPROVE OF THE BEARD AND GLASSES. Hubba hubba. He agrees to do the translating for Sofiya.

Tom asks Sofiya if what Val said is true: is Maks her favorite grandson? She protests that it's "not a good question." Tom gives her an out saying, "So you like them both the same?" and she agrees.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8; Len: 9; Abby Lee; 8; Bruno: 9

Candace & Mark and Charlie & Sharna, Contemporary

From rehearsal, Candace: "Being lifted is something I do really well." So then they decide to choreograph it so that her feet never touch the floor. Is that dancing or being carried? (I kid, I kid. I know being lifted isn't entirely passive.)

Oh, looks like they didn't actually go with that premise for the entire routine, maybe just for the solo part. And Charlie looks like he's really struggling with Candace in and out of the lifts. Candace is taller and bigger than Meryl, ain't she, Chuck?

Abby Led says that Candace looks like an "Abby Lee Dance Company member." Bruno calls it brilliant. Carrie Ann says the lifts were gorgeous, because she didn't see the same thing I did. She also points out a part when Charlie dropped Sharna. I missed that -- I wonder if it was after the solo with Candace and he was just tired?

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Abby Lee; 10; Bruno: 10