Amy Purdy and Derek Hough

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough (Adam Taylor / ABC / May 5, 2014)

It's "American Icons" night for the Semifinals. Choreographer and director Kenny Ortega is the guest judge tonight.

Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas, Viennese Waltz

Candace's frame is pretty good during this, with her head laid back like they like. However, her hands are a little weird in extension sometimes and I'm still not in love with her foot placement.

Len Goodman thinks the pressure got to Candace tonight, with a couple of mistakes showing up in the routine. Kenny Ortega admires her dedication and praises her, despite the mistakes. Bruno Tonioli admonishes her to cover up better when she makes a mistake and says the performance level suffered when she couldn't cover up her reaction to the mistake.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8; Len: 9; Kenny: 9; Bruno: 8

Carrie Ann Inaba and Bruno are the only ones who graded that accurately. In the semifinals, multiple mistakes in a routine shouldn't get you a 9.

Tom reveals, though, that Candace is safe, and will be going into the finals next week. Which means some more deserving dancer is going home. Stinker.

More results: Amy and Derek are in jeopardy. Charlie and Sharna are also in jeopardy. See what I mean about more deserving dancers going home?

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess, Foxtrot

Charlie's personal icon is Scott Hamilton, who comes in to give him words of inspiration.

Charlie almost looks like he starts a little bit off from the start of the music, but by the time they're dancing, it's no big deal. This should be right in Charlie's wheelhouse, but it's falling a little flat for me -- even with his little solo at the end, with all sorts of spins and pirouettes.

Kenny says "Bring out the champagne," and calls it "indescribably delightful." Bruno says a lot of adjectives that equal "I liked it." Carrie Ann says last week was his best week but that this was fantastic, too. Len Goodman says something that rhymes and translates to "I liked it."

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10; Len: 10; Abby: 10; Bruno: 10

Amy Purdy & Derek Hough, Argentine Tango

Amy's got a new pair of prosthetic legs to use tonight -- running legs that are curved and all carbon fiber. It's going to allow her to have some bounce and to travel across the floor, crucial for the quickstep.  

Oprah Winfrey is Amy's idol and surprises Amy with a phone call. Oprah claims that she watches every week and even dials the number to vote for them. If they win, she says, she'll take them both out to dinner.  My housemate wonders if Oprah used a burner phone to call them. Ha!

This is a great foxtrot! Light and fast, with tons of complicated footwork. I swear, if Candace beats Amy, I'm going to set something on fire.

Bruno says that his jaw was hanging open through the whole routine and that if he wasn't watching it live, he would swear that they were on wires, they were so light on the floor. Carrie Ann says the best part was that the dance wasn't static and Amy got to travel, really for the first time.  Len says that technically, this was the most challenging dance for Amy. He would've liked to have seen more body contact and better posture.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10; Len: 9; Kenny; 10; Bruno: 10

This means Len thought Candace's dance, with multiple visible mistakes, was as good as Amy's marvelous quickstep. I call bullbleep.