So, big shock, the couples with the three lowest scores are in jeopardy. I haven't done the math this week to see how many more votes than Bristol Kirstie would need to stay in. If Bristol DOES go home I'll work it out and report back next week.

Donnie Osmond and Susan Boyle sing a duet. Nothing extraordinary happens. I do like Susan's dress.

Next week will be team dances and tonight they'll pick those teams live. Because everyone loves reliving, as Tom calls it, "the angst of high school gym class." Brooke laughs nervously because she was always picked relatively early.

Gilles & Peta and Shawn & Derek are captains. First, they pick envelopes containing the Guilty Pleasure song they'll be dancing to with their team. Team Gilles has "Gangnam Style." Which I will now have to explain to my mother. We'll need a fresh box of wine. Team Derek has "Call Me Maybe."

Gilles wins the coin toss and picks Kelly & Val. Derek picks Sabrina & Louis. So the two young blondes are going to be on the same team. That's going to be one PERKY routine. Tom tells them to move it along so they don't run into the debate time. WHAT?!! You're telling me the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD can't HANG ON JUST A SECOND until we get these teams picked and a couple sent home? Where are our priorities, America?

Gilles hurriedly picks Kirstie & Maks. Sabrina picks Melissa & Tony. Gilles picks Emmitt & Cheryl. Sabrina takes Apolo & Karina.

Bristol & Mark will either be eliminated or they will go to the team who just chose a soon-to-be-eliminated couple.

So, which couple was in jeopardy but not actually in the bottom two? Apolo & Karina. So, third to last place in the judges' scores was also third to last after fan votes were added in. Pick my jaw up off the floor.

Bristol and Mark are going home. I'm dancing the dance of joy. I don't even care that this means I have to make good on my promise to do math.

See you next week for guilty pleasures. Let's see what socially acceptable guilty pleasures will be on display.