Bristol and Mark pick Bollywood for Gilles and Peta. I don't think that's going to be as challenging for them as Mark seems to think (he was coaching Bristol through the choice). I think Gilles would have the most trouble with Hip-Hop. I mean, he's sexy, but he's not at all hip-hop.

Kirstie and Maks pick disco for Louis & Sabrina. Another one that I don't think will be a challenge, except I'm not sure Louis can do all the lifts with Sabrina that can make disco really exciting.

Helio and Chelsie pick Mambo for Shawn and Derek. I'm not exactly sure what Mambo means, other than that it's in the Latin family, so I can't comment on this choice.

Kelly and Val pick Bolero for Emmitt and Cheryl. I think they'll do fine with that, given that it falls somewhere between a tango and a paso doble, both dances Emmitt's done well in the past.

Melissa and Tony pick Hip-Hop for Apolo and Karina. Karina's happier than Apolo. The way Melissa said "Hip-Hop" I think it would've been deadly for her.

Apolo and Karina turn around and pick Jitterbug for Melissa and Tony. After nailing that jive last week, Melissa and Tony will have loads of fun with a jitterbug. I'm not sure the contestants are understanding how this is supposed to work.

Emmitt and Cheryl pick Contemporary for Emmitt and Val. I think that's going to be the hardest one because this show skews so cheesy and contemporary dance is so serious about itself.

Derek and Shawn pick Broadway for Helio and Chelsie. Helio's big personality will be well-suited for Broadway.

Sabrina and Louis pick Charleston for Kirstie and Maks. This is after Louis advises her, "Pick Rock 'n' Roll if we want to hurt them, Charleston if we want to help them." So we see that the stars don't want to be mean to each other on live tv. Sigh.

This means that Bristol and Mark will get Rock 'n' Roll, by default. Which should be fine for them because it won't require much grace.

Josh Johnson is from Harlem and is now a junior at Penn State. He studied hard in high school and got into Penn, but had trouble paying for it. He worked a lot of jobs, but then decided that he'd hit the New York subway and tap dance for tips.I hope they're paying him well to be on the show tonight. Textbooks are SERIOUSLY expensive.

So, Karmin is here to perform and I seriously had no idea until just now that "Karmin" is the name of a duo and not the name of a single female singer. I can't say she's super-good at the lip-syncing and they're doing everything they can with camera angles, lighting and cutaways to help disguise that. The thing that's most impressive about her performance is that she comes down the stairs in these ridiculously high platform heels without falling flat on her face.

Backstage, Mark and Bristol LITERALLY kiss and make up while their rehearsal footage is shown to the studio audience.

Bristol and Mark are safe, so it's either Shawn and Louis or Helio and Chelsie going home. Helio and Chelsie go home and somewhere in South Carolina my mom is saying very unladylike things to her television.

Tune in next week to see all the new styles. I'll try to educate myself about what they all are so I can grouch about the parts they get wrong.