Tango - "Leave Me Alone"

Remember the video for this song? With the tunnel of love animation stuff? Remember when a Michael Jackson video would premiere and we'd all turn over to MTV to watch it?

There's nothing particularly wrong with the routine, but it feels like Emmitt's doing something wrong with his feet and that Cheryl is doing the leading.

Len says Emmitt "coped marvelously well" with two dances that aren't really in Emmitt's wheelhouse. Bruno mentions Emmitt's footwork (hey, I'm impressed I noticed it). Carrie Ann agrees with Len and Bruno, talking about how they have to judge on technique.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9; Len: 9; Bruno: 9

Another mini-dance, this time atop the judges' table. It's a remix of a song you've never heard of.

Kelly & Val

Rumba - "I Can't Stop Loving You"

Given how much it seems like these two are totally doing it, their rumba should be smokin'. Kelly tells us she has problems with intimacy, which is effecting her concentration on the rumba. She says that when she's on her soap opera, it's someone else's story, not her own.

She discusses how she wasn't the best dancer the season she won, and when she was called out on it, it made her insecure. Aw, poor Kelly.

She's wearing the traditional bathing suit/bedsheet rumba costume. They're also dancing in only a small circle of the ballroom floor that's ringed with footlights. They do on really dramatic spin into a drop that goes over well with the crowd.

Bruno discusses their chemistry and says they gave it their all. Carrie Ann thought some of the moves might've been a little clipped, but it was beautiful. Len liked how they changed up the speeds and the lines of the dance.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9.5; Len: 9.5; Bruno: 9.5

Scoreboard, with both dances combined:

Shawn & Derek: 59

Melissa & Tony: 57.5

Apolo & Karina: 57

Kelly & Val: 54

Emmitt & Cheryl: 54

Tomorrow night is another double elimination - I really don't like a double elimination this late in the season. My guess, Apolo is definitely toast but I have no idea who the other goner is.