We get a surprise visit from Sean's sister, big sister, the sis that talked him into going on the show. Thanks sis, we appreciate your efforts!

Sean sits and has a chat with his sister about Tierra and the drama and how he feels about the ladies that have survived. Sis asks Sean what was the one piece of advice she gave? Don't fall for the chick that no one likes!! Finally, a voice a reason. Tell him sis!

Sean decides to go get Tierra to introduce to sis and allow her to make her own determination of how sweet, lovely, kind and wonderful Tierra is. (gag)

Sean has no idea that as he's walking over to the house that Ashlee and Tierra are having a knock down drag out screming match! However it stops as soon as Sean approaches the house. (hate when that happens)

It's the Tierra show!!! Sean steps inside just as Tiearra is bawling her eyes out because she's so "misunderstood." (kill me now)

Sean's comforts Tierra. Tells her he wants her to meet someone. She cries. Sean comforts her more. She cries more. Sean tells her he really wants her to meet someone and he understands how hard it must be for her in the house. She cries some more.

Then the sky opened, angels began to sing, surely that was the music from a harp and ... Sean gives Tierra the boot! Ding, dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, which old witch? The wicked witch is dead!

No more Tierra! Sean asks Tierra if she's OK after giving her the "get outta here" and Tierra says "no!" Quick, someone file a restraining order because I smell a cray cray stalker!

Sean tells the ladies that he had a moment of clarity and realized that Tierra could never be his wife. Ya think? We've only been telling you this forever, Sean!

Rose ceremony. Everyone gets a rose, Leslie gets a limo ride!

Next week, it's home town week and Sean visits the homes and families of the final four ladies. We're getting closer to a proposal, folks. Great show!