Sean spends time with Catherine and shows us all how much he adores her. They share laughs and kisses and Catherine sits on Sean’s lap as they gaze into each other’s eyes really enjoying the moment, while inside Daniella decides she's going to find Sean and pull him away from Catherine. She opens the door and sees Catherine perched on Sean's lap and bursts into tears. (Urgh, these ladies kill me with the water works!)

Unable to face Sean in the arms of another women she goes back inside and as luck (or good reality show directors) would have it, Sean finishes up with Catherine and comes inside ready to spend some personal time with a very teary eyed Daniella. Sean has proven time and time again to be a sucker for tears and it worked again. Rose for Daniella! Good job cry baby!

Two women. One rose. One stays. One goes. It's time for our two-on-one date.

Sean, Tierra and Jackie set out horseback riding and perhaps Tierra trained Jackie's horse, as this folks looked like a one-on-one date with Sean and Tierra and Jackie followed the rear like a Mary Poppins chaperone. This only allowed more time for Sean to like Tierra even more. Poor Jackie.

Horse ride over and Jackie gets her moment with Sean. However, she spends it bad-mouthing Tierra. Yeah, Jackie's the one that thought it was "important" to tell Sean that, are you ready?

Tierra flirted with some random dude! So what Jackie? So what? You know what that gets you? A ride home, not to the lodge, not pass go to collect 200 bucks but home, in the back of a limo crying real tears as fireworks go off in the background that Sean and Tierra happen to be enjoying watching outside next to a fire. It could have all been yours, drama queen! Goodbye Jackie.

Sean has a look on his face that perhaps he's recognizing that Miss Tierra ain't wrapped too tight. Wait a minute, what is he doing? Sean put that rose down! Tierra wins again.

After an evening of the girls bad-talking Tierra, cornering Tierra in the house, name-calling and finger pointing Tierra, Tierra, and Tierra. Sean has clearly had his fill of all of the drama and told us all that this was a very bad night that left him apprehensive and doubtful, and that after the date with Lindsey that everything went downhill and he's no longer even certain that his wife is in the midst of this madness.

It's rose ceremony time.

Selma, Catherine, Leslie, Ashlee, Sarah and Des all get a rose and we say goodbye to our tumbler, Robin.

Tomorrow night looks like a doozy. Water. Lifeguards. Shivering. Blue lips and Tierra, can't wait.