Chris ("Lt. Dan"), 25 -- unfortunately, we think Sarah is the last of his indiscretions -- there are no cute girls left in the house.

Sarah ("Praying Mantis"), 28 -- she acts more 18 than 28. We hope your father has no idea you are on this show.

Blakeley ("Cougar"), 34 -- Chris is back on her diarrhea list. Here’s hoping they both go home next week.

Kalon ("Butt Chin"), 27 -- we appreciate his loyalty to Lindzi, though he's still a moron in life.

Jaclyn ("Muppet"), 27 -- it's cute that you like Ed. Both of your brains combined roughly equal that of a 10-year-old.

Ed ("Adam Corolla"), 32 -- this may be Ed's first sober episode.

Rachel ("Snaggle Tooth"), 27 -- not one scene on camera this week, but judging from the previews, looks like things are heating up with her and Michael next week.

Erica ("Plastic Princess"), 29 -- we previously listed her as 31 (she looks 31+), but just noticed a "29" next to her name. Is this one of those "it's my third 29th birthday" things? 

Lindzi ("Horse Girl"), 27 -- she's like an attractive wart on Kalon's arm -- she's always stuck to him, but doesn't hurt or help his situation.

Michael ("Puppy"), 28 -- he's like the dad of the house.

Just send these guys home, we still don't know a thing about them:

Nick, 27 -- Ashley the dentist dumped him on"The Bachelorette"for being too reserved

Tony, 31 -- previously known as Woody, Emily dumped him early on after he cried about missing his kid.