Frank is sent home immediately, which scares all of the other contestants because technically, no one is supposed to be sent home until the end of the night.

Kids make up the next category to face the judges. There are some super adorable shots of the little ones doing their homework together. Isaac Brown, the adorable 6-year-old singer/dancer from St. Louis, and Sebastien, the 10-year-old mariachi singer, seems to have become bros. 

When Sebastien and his band perform, Isaac is backstage watching and saying that he doesn't want Sebastien to be sent home. Aww! I don't think Isaac has anything to worry about though because the Sebastien is awesome. Sharon even calls him "magic."

Then it's Isaac's turn. I have high hopes for him, but he's just okay. At one point, he holds the mic too far away from his face so we can't really hear him. 

The Untouchables dance group is next. The judges don't say much after their performance, but I can tell they're impressed. Amazing Elizabeth, 6-year-old aerial silk gymnast, is impressive, but the judges don't show much of a reaction to her.

14-year-old pianist and singer Edon is just plain talented; he makes me actually like Usher's "Without You." Sharon even says he reminds her of a young Billy Joel. I was thinking more of Chris Martin from Coldplay, but Billy Joel works, too.

Male singers are next. There are some really good acts here, including Tim Hockenberry and Tim Poe, the stuttering Army guy who we recently discovered lied about his length of service. This is by far the best category tonight; Howard says he and the other judges have a tough decision to make.

This doesn't exactly make me proud to be a girl. Last night, all of the female singers except Nikki Jensen did so badly, the judges actually got angry.

Now, all of the judges' favorites have performed and it's time for Howie, Howard and Sharon to make some decisions.

"I would be happy if we didn't put through any female singers," says Sharon while they're evaluating that category.

After another minute of quick shots and more arguing, it's time reveal their choices.

Jorge and Alexandra are first up. They don't make it to the live shows in New York. I hate myself for predicting this one because the look on Alexandra's face breaks my heart. 

Then things really start to get moving. In quick succession, all comedians but Tom Cotter and Jacob Williams are sent home, and in the kids category, young Isaac and the Amazing Elizabeth go home while Sebastien, the Untouchables and Edon move on to New York. 

As expected, Nikki Jensen from Australia is only female singer to go through. In the dance category, All That Cloggers and 787 crew from Puerto Rico make it to New York.

Male singers Ulysses, Jake Rogers and Tim Hockenberry advance to New York, along with duos Eric & Olivia and Maurice & Shanice Hayes.

Spencer Horseman and Eric Dittelman, the mindreader, go onstage together and there's a moment of suspense where I think they may not make it. But it's just Howard playing tricks on us; they both make it New York!

In the novelty category, All Beef Patty, sand painter Joe Castillo and Aurora Light Painters advance. All Wheel Sports, American BMX Stunt Team and Ben Blaque the archer from the danger category all make it New York. Surprisingly, Horse, "king of the nut shots," is sent home.

In another shocking move on the judges' parts, not one contestant from the classical category advances. This includes Andrew DeLeon, goth opera singer who was a huge hit when he auditioned in Austin.

"This was our hardest decision," Howie says. "We wanted it to work. It didn't work."

Tomorrow, the standbys get to perform for the remaining spots. Only a few spots are left, so I'm just going to prepare myself now for 15 minutes worth of B-rolls of crying dancers.