Let's see how we did.

First lady to be called? Janelle. Watch out ,Carrie Underwood. Certain this country superstar will be making "American Idol" history.

Janelle sang Dierks Bentley's "Home," and if you were not a country fan last night, you woke up Googling that song this morning. Standing ovations across the board, Janelle has industry staying power.

2. Candice made it! After tears and a victory dance, She treated us to Rolls Royce's old school hit, "I'm Going Down." Or was it the Mary J. Blige version? Nah, it was Candice's show-stopping version. Best performance of the night.

3. Angie Miller. The song-writing, piano-playing, top notch artist is in. She celebrated by singing Beyonce's "I Was Here" -- an appropriate choice. 

4. Amber, who the threatened to pass out when her name was called. The doors opened and we were graced with Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman." Gutsy, bold move, and she pulled it off. 

Finally, giving us our top 10 crew was ... Kree!

Anyone with ears knew that Kree was gonna wrap up the show. Victory song: "Evidence" by Susan Tedeschi.

Kree is a superstar and we ended up 5 for 5 for the ladies, calling them all correctly. Which meant, we had to say goodbye to Zoanette. 

There you have it folks our top 10. Let the real games begin. It's "Idol," baby!