Final Thoughts:

• In almost every episode, there is a sexual moment aimed at shock and awe. This time, it’s Jessica Lange unleashing her golden hair and removing her habit to reveal a red underdress and an intense affection for Monsignor Timothy Howard

Sarah Paulson’s new role as pot-smoking lesbian journalist Lana Winters will place her as one of Sister Jude’s main adversaries. Winters enters Briarcliff to get the scoop on “Bloody Face” but gets held hostage by the nun because Sister Jude fears what Winters could print about the institution.

• Shelley (played by Chloë Sevigny) and Grace (played by Lizzie Brocheré) both made their "American Horror Story" debuts as female patients. Shelley nearly has her head shaved by Sister Jude as a punishment before Lana interrupts. Grace tells Kit that she’s being detained for chopping up her family, a crime she didn’t commit. She would rather be in the mental ward than prison or worse, death row.

“You think it’s bad not having a chair?” Grace asks Kit. “Think of the one they’ll strap you into.”

Zachary Quinto is the first cast member listed in the opening credits, but he does not make an appearance in the premiere.

What we learned:

• It’s unclear whether Sister Jude is good or bad. She has evil moments (whipping her patients and blackmailing Lana Winters’ lover), but she seems to be against Dr. Arden’s twisted experiments. The two characters clash frequently in this episode.

Sister Jude: “I’ll always win against the patriarchal male.”

Dr. Arden: “Pulling for you.”   

What to expect next week:

• Kit Walker exhibits an innocent persona now, but he may change after Dr. Arden experiments on him, turning the wrongly-accused serial killer into his own version of Frankenstein.