Thredson realizes that he can’t murder Lana because he wants her to birth their child and he can’t kill Kit because Lana says so. Rules were meant to be broken, so I doubt this is the last we will see of Thredson’s knife.

Kit and Lana still cannot turn Thredson in to the authorities while they’re in Briarcliff, so Thredson’s plan to rape Lana continues to reap benefits. 

Polar opposites

Speaking of rape, Sister Mary Eunice gets a little friendly with Monsignor Timothy Howard as she takes his virginity while he’s bound to a bed.

If you can’t have Rome, make a deal with the devil. The monsignor won’t be the next pope but he did get to enjoy the devil’s temptations.

Dr. Arden watches Sister Mary Eunice force herself on the monsignor. In a jealous fit, he walks into the jungle to feed his monsters. Mary Eunice follows and Arden proclaims his sadness, saying “there is no us.”

“The experiment is over,” Arden tells Mary Eunice as he begins shooting creatures.

Arden tries to pull the trigger on himself but can’t. It’s hard to believe this sobbing doctor was helping Mary Eunice plot murders just a few weeks ago. 

Sympathy for the devil

Everyone in Braircliff knew by now that Mary Eunice was the devil. The only person to express grief over her death was Arden and he was arguably a bigger threat to the Briarcliff residents as  the possessed nun.

I foresaw many deaths for Arden and they all involved other characters exacting their revenge or the woodland creatures eating him alive.

But I didn’t see Arden committing suicide in a furnace. Well done, Ryan Murphy. 

Final thoughts

Pepper grew a pair of cohunes in this episode, proclaiming her role as Grace’s caretaker while challenging Arden. Pepper used her intellect and wit to annoy Arden, particularly with this joke:

“Knock, knock. Who’s there? Arden. Arden who? Arden you the quack who’d make a better duck?” 

Pepper may not have a career in stand-up comedy ahead of her, but she’s made herself useful by protecting Grace.

With Arden and Mary Eunice gone, things look to get brighter for the tortured and abused patients of Briarcliff. Kit and Lana have the edge over Thredson and Sister Jude has no reason to be submitted to further shock therapy.

What to expect next episode

The monsignor tries to send Kit and Grace’s miraculous baby into the fiery oven, while Lana brainstorms alternative methods of abortion.