“You were a very naughty girl last night,” said the doctor. “You tried to fly away. So I had to clip your wings.”

He sure does have a way with women.

Final Thoughts

Last week I mentioned Adam Levine’s character, Leo, saying he was dead unless he could survive multiple stab wounds. Well, somehow he survived multiple stab wounds. What he couldn’t survive was a bullet to the head. Teresa and Leo stabbed Bloody Face, before running into two masked, armed men dressed as Bloody Face.

The first three episodes began in the present time period, but even in the future, viewers are left in the dark about Bloody Face’s identity.

Dr. Arden put Kit under the knife again and showed Kit the spider-like chip he cut from Kit’s neck. Dr. Arden also labeled Kit a spy. We see Dr. Thredson enter Lana’s home to deliver a message, but all he finds are traces of another Bloody Face victim. Both of these scenes have one People in the asylum are starting to realize what we already know: Kit’s not guilty of the murders.

What we learned

Dr. Arden’s perversions go beyond his experiments.

Leo doesn’t have nine lives, just two.

The creatures in the woods only need to be fed until winter. They look like inbred humans and have super speed.

What to expect next week

Dr. Arden continues his experiments on Shelley. If no one rescues her soon, we could see Shelley as the newest product of creature food.

Kit and Grace clash. Two failed escape attempts equals trouble in the BFF realm.

There’s a new female patient in Briarcliff. She comes with no identification and no hints about her identity.