“They’re on to you Arthur,” the monsignor warns. “If you have any housekeeping to take care of, I suggest you do it now.”

The modern-day Adam and Eve
A guard catches Kit and Grace getting physical and tells Sister Jude. Naturally, she isn’t happy with the two trying to make a “murder baby” in her asylum.

Plans to create a race of Bloody Face serial killers from the offspring of two mentally-unstable lovers – failed.

Sister Mary Eunice shows Kit files describing Grace’s family killing spree, just after she lied by telling Kit an intruder killed her family.

It was Grace who killed her father for abusing her and her stepmother for allowing the abuse.

That upsets Kit momentarily. Then he seemingly realizes he’d rather get back to making love with Grace in the kitchen than sitting in a dank prison cell.

Free bird
Lana has seen her share of torture recently, both physically and verbally. In an aversion therapy treatment session with Dr. Thredson, she volunteers to get help, which leads to psychological torture.

Thredson wants to help Lana escape, but to do this requires she touch herself while massaging a man’s genitals.

Rest assured this is to help Lana become normal and be deemed fit to leave the asylum. It is not for the purpose of helping Thredson to live out a sexual fantasy.

That is, unless the fantasy includes watching Lana vomit several times during the process.

Anne’s got a gun
This isn’t the Anne Frank I remember from reading her diary.

The new patient pulls a gun on Arden after he brings her to his lab for questioning. She gets one shot into his leg, before opening a door where she hears screaming.

“Kill me!” Shelley screams to Anne.

That leaves us with two girls, one gun and a scumbag doctor fending for his life.

Final thoughts:
How is it possible that no one has noticed Sister Mary Eunice is not herself? She went from a pure, unassuming, catholic girl to a vulgar, master manipulator overnight.

Sister Jude even praises her, saying “I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately sister, but it’s a decided improvement.”  

If that improvement includes getting Sister Jude drunk again and angering Arden, I’m all for it too.

What we learned:
Kit may have entered the asylum sane, but he may be going crazy. He pleads with Sister Jude for forgiveness, not for getting lucky on his work shift, but for possibly killing those innocent women. He no longer knows what to believe.

Monsignor Timothy Howard knows about Arden’s past and is a likely contributor to the doctor’s actions. The leadership of Briarcliff is corrupt at every level. Could the monsignor also be killing people for Arden, using the identity of Bloody Face?

What to expect next week:
Look for more details to develop about the relationship between Arden and Monsignor Timothy Howard. Anne Frank is a threat they will look to eliminate.

Sister Mary Eunice will be Arden’s ally in keeping his activity from the prying eyes of Sister Jude and the police.

Shelley might soon be one of the creatures in the woods.

Mark Consuelos’ character Spivey should be getting more air time soon. So far, we don’t know much of anything about his character except that he’s supposed to be a badass.

Lana has been resilient in her efforts to escape Briarcliff, but her freedom seems too good to be true. Dr. Arden or Sister Jude will stop Dr. Thredson from releasing Lana.