'American Horror Story'

Jude's mind has gone softer than Goldilocks. porridge. (FX / January 17, 2013)

As the saying goes, "two is better than one." Though I'm not sure the adage was meant for weapon-wielding psychopaths.

Kit was the original alleged Bloody Face and for a moment, the opening scene on this week's American Horror Story had viewers believing he would live up to that accusation.

But do we really need another Bloody Face running rampant? Ryan Murphy decided no.

Kit was only serving as a disguise for the real murderer: Alma. With one thrust of the axe Alma managed to kill Grace in the same way Grace murdered her own family.

Can you say karma?

Before the homicide, Kit was enjoying a polygamist lifestyle with Grace, Alma and two children. Throw in Ann B. Davis as his maid and you could say he had the perfect life.

But that lifestyle came to an end when Alma got tired of Grace's talk of embracing their abduction experiences and one day allowing their kids to be visited by aliens.

After seeing the movie "Prometheus" and what aliens can potentially do to humans, I don't blame Alma.

Alma ends up in Briarcliff, where she eventually dies of heart failure and Kit ends up a single father with long sideburns. Not exactly happily ever after, but at least there's hope for Lana Winters, right?

Her book "Maniac" is a bestseller. Check. Thredson is no longer a threat. Check.

Things seem to be going well for Lana, but can she find happiness when she's devoting all her time to book signings?

Lana has become a cash cow, putting fame on a higher pedestal than integrity and honesty. Kit attends a book signing and tells Lana this himself by calling his former fellow inmate "hard."

"I have a perspective on the stinted male psyche that no one else has. I lived it," Lana says.

"You swore to Jude that you were going to be a reporter, not a cheap celebrity," Kit replies.

Kit also tells Lana that Jude's death certificate was a fake and that the former nun still resides at Briarcliff. During their coffee chat, he does neglect to mention that her mind has gone softer than Goldilocks' porridge.

Welcome to wonderland

Lana thinks Jude is dead and if Jude were asked herself, she probably wouldn't know if she were alive either.

The monsignor requests a minute alone with Jude. As he speaks, she says she doesn't hear anything, which is strange because crazy people usually complain of too many voices in their heads.

The monsignor calls Jude childish for ignoring her. "I'm the queen of candy land," she responds.