"It's not just him that's in you. I'm a part of you too."

"I've hurt people," Johnny cries.

"It's not your fault baby," Lana says as she turns the gun on Johnny. "It's mine."

Pop ... there goes the weasel. Lana shoots her son dead, the same way she shot his father 48 years ago.

Knowing Lana, she probably planned to shoot Johnny because it would be a great topic for her next book.

At least one character got a happy ending.

Final thoughts

Did anyone doubt that Lana was going to kill Johnny once she took the gun? Ms. Winters has been cold-hearted from the season premiere.

Both of Kit's children grew up to be doctors or lawyers. Where did they get their intelligence? Probably not from Jude, who taught them to "swear like a sailor."

Lana married a woman as ambitious as her. I'd still guess that Lana wears the pants in that relationship.

The season's final scene showed Jude talking to Lana when she first arrived at Briarcliff. Jude tells Lana, "Just remember, if you look in the face of evil, evil is gonna look right back at you."

Is this a wrap up to the season or a precursor to themes for next season? I'll let you decide.

Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Jessica Lange will return for Season 3, as will some cast members from Season 1.

But for now, sleep tight, "American Horror Story" fans. The madness ends.