The third slide is the same map as the second, only instead of numbers, it shows the names of various cities in each zone. The Racer is given a sheet of paper with a list of about 20 cities, and they have to calculate the correct time of day in five of them.

It's complicated. The point is that Moscow +4 throws people off. It means Moscow is four hours ahead of something (some unspecified standard time), and the other cities are even more hours ahead. The glitch is that people see Moscow as zero hour and they add seven hours, for instance, when they should only add three. If this all makes no sense, just understand that there's a trick.

Jaymes and Lexi sit next to each other in the auditorium, giggling and chatting like the pretty people do. Lexi writes her name at the top of her paper and draws a smiley face next to it. The round begins, they try to memorize and scribble, they put the pencils down, they are incorrect. Over and over. 

They decide to work together, splitting the map in half and then copying answers. They still fail, until after the eleventh time Lexi realizes that they've been adding from zero instead of from four. Jaymes teases that he's been stuck with a dumb cheerleader. 

They take it a twelfth time, and The Professor busts out his last line: "I'm really sorry [sad face], but you win!!" Then he cheers for them. He totally took fakeout lessons from Phil.

The Twins and The Cabbie

The Twins leave in third place, one of them is wearing short shorts and long pink socks, because it's cold and rainy (like Seattle, remember?) and that's appropriate for the weather. They tell their cab driver where to go, and on the way he tries to take them to McDonald's. They're like, no thanks, and he's like, but you're American, every American wants to travel to a foreign country and see what the McDonald’s is like, so I take you to McDonald's. 

They finally convince him that they don't need to go to McDonald's, and they want him to stop for directions. He busts out his English, then. "I taxi 37 years." You know, quiet down in the back seat!

Seriously, what's up with cab drivers in Russia? Stealing backpacks, dropping teams off at abandoned warehouses ... In Soviet Russia, cab driver tells you where to go!

When the Twins arrive at the Roadblock, they read the instructions and immediately say, "Hell, no!" They hand over their Express Pass and move on, completely missing The Professor Experience.

Jaymes and James and The Cabbie: Epilogue

Remember their driver was hanging out with them, waiting in the hall? When they finish the Roadblock they rush out and tell him they're ready to go. Cabbie is all, "Coffee break?" He was at some cafe getting breakfast, and doesn't really understand why they don't want to pause. Every American wants to stop for coffee!

Oh, the Chipps help Texi get a cab, too, since they got help on the Roadblock. They're paying it forward.

This is the time on Not-Sprockets when we dance!

The popular side of the Detour is called Movers. Phil calls it a grueling physical challenge. They have to learn and perform a Russian soldier dance. You know Russian dances, with the squat kicks and the leg spins? It's that.

James sprained his ankle in Shanghai. Did we miss that? Oh well, he's not gonna make a fuss about it. He's gotta dance! His ankle is killing him, he's sweating profusely from the pain, but he wants to push through and keep their position. Jaymes talks him through the performance. They fail the first time but it looks like they get it the second time. A medic checks out the ankle while Jaymes reads the next clue.

Texi finishes up soon after, and they leave together. The Chipps try to call another cab for Texi, but Texi has disappeared. "Guys, we can't help each other if you run off," Jaymes calls to the empty sidewalk.

Guess what, Chippendales? You are Team Number One! Yay! 

Texi takes second place.

The Twins arrive at the dancing Detour when the other teams leave, so they don't get to be loud in front of other people. We established last week that they're quieter when they're alone.