The Superfans head back to the park to get some eggs fried on their heads. Brilliantly, beautifully, the Blondes have been dropped off at that same park. Their driver dumped them right back where he picked them up, and they are wandering around looking for the U-Turn sign. They are even in the same camera shot as the Superfans, although neither team notices the other.

The Blondes decide to head back to a becak while the Superfans eat their eggs. The Blondes finally find the U-Turn, note that it has been used up, and they pick up their clue for the Pit Stop. Back to the becak.

Superfans have finished both Detours and finally get their clue for the Pit Stop. They are behind the Blondes in the hunt for Phil.

But wait! The Blondes are angry at their driver again! "It's so frustrating when a guy from this country cannot speak any English!" I swear those are the words that came out of her mouth. The ugly words cause the becak to go slower.

Now both teams are traveling on the same street, and the Superfans are ahead.

But wait -- the Blondes use their loud voices to convince their driver to pass the Superfans. He does it. The Superfans pay their driver to speed up, but I'm guessing two Superfans weigh less than two Blondes because he doesn't pass them.

But wait -- the road ends at a T. The Blonde becak turns left, and the Superfan becak turns right.

It's Team Superfan at the Pit Stop in another close finish! I'm sorry this ending was so full of exclamation points, but, !!!

Which is more awesome?

That the Blondes lost because they were so rude to their driver(s)? Or that they lost to a team they thought was weaker? Or that they lost on a Double U-Turn leg and they weren't even U-Turned? All of the above, obviously.

On the mat, they tell Phil that their driver was a hot mess. I don't know if it was the same driver the whole leg or if they switched a few times. Either way, those drivers don't fall for a pretty face. Not that their faces are pretty at the end, oh no. They have their angry faces on.

Remember, they will be angry before they will cry. And they don't cry. The one girl does snort again, though.