Quote of the Week

The other Detour option is Lion's Head: Team members will dress in a costume with a 40-pound mask and parade around a park, periodically stopping to perform lunges and twirls.

According to Southern Chippendale, the mask is held on with your mouth and hands. He does not think the mouthpiece has been cleaned recently. In fact, "I think I must've made out with like 947 Indonesian people today alone just by putting that thing in my mouth. I'm tasting years of ... culture. It was not ... pleasant."

Pit Stop Fashion

Teams are sent to the Pit Stop after a Double U-Turn. The first train group made a pact not to U-Turn anyone. Well, Team Lone Wolf Rock On didn't join the pack, but they don't U-Turn anyway.

Abbie and Her Boyfriend take first place again, followed by Team Texi. Phil makes them admit that they should hate each other because they are both strong teams. Texi promises to work on that.

Team Chipp is third and Team Rock the Lone Wolf is fourth. One of them, possibly Abba, has spent his free time using pieces of tape to spell out "BE DIPHERENT HI FIL!" on his shirt. He lost me at the "dipherent" but he found me again when he said hi to Phil. Always say hi to Phil, you guys, always say hi to Phil.

Angry Americans vs. "Just enjoy the ride"

Before leaving the Pit Stop, the Blondes interview that this Race will bring out new emotions, but they'll get angry before they cry. Crying shows weakness, and they aren't weak. One of them says that we'll never see her cry, and then she snort-laughs again.

Team Superfan notes that "we have become the team where you say, 'what are you doing there?'" Although they are, in fact, super fans of the show, it's different when you're actually on it. Then Small Superfan finds some money on the ground and says it's their lucky day. It better be.

Blondes, Superfans, and Monster Truck join up with the Twins on the second train. The Blondes point out that they are tougher than any other team on their train.

Superfans think about the U-Turn, they don't want to U-Turn someone who is behind them. Remember when the Goths did that? I was so sad. I miss you, Kynt of that season, not Kynt of the Unfinished Business season.

Now the transportation in this small Indonesian city is like a rickshaw without the roof. Phil calls it something that sounds like betcha but might be spelled becak. A nice local man pedals a three-wheeled bike with a two-person bench in the front.

Back to the action, a small mob gets off the train and runs for the becaks. The Superfans were in a different train car (don't they know to ride up front?) and they end up further from the station, so by the time they get out to the street the screaming racing mob has disappeared. They wander around saying "Becak?" in front of a group of becak drivers, because they don't know what a becak is.

Twins, Blondes, and Monster Truck arrive at the park to do the Lion's Head. The Blondes have been shrieking at their poor becak driver, and then when they get out to pay they try to get change from him. He smiles and says "Yes" a lot.

They say it took 15 minutes to pay him. Incidentally, other teams paid only two Indonesian units of currency while the Blondes were quoted a price of five. I think it costs more to yell at your driver.

The Twins finish the parade and travel by becak to an address that has the U-Turn and the next clue. They choose not to U-Turn, then one of them turns and runs right into the camera! She's just excited. They find Phil and check in.

Team Monster Truck is next, and they decide to U-Turn Team Superfan to get a head start. Dun dun duuun!

Now, the Blondes should get to the U-Turn next, but they have been busy screeching at their driver again which causes him to go the wrong way.

The Superfans enjoy their ride and get to the U-Turn board ahead of the Blondes. They mention that they didn't see any other teams so they don't know who's behind them. It's a toss-up between Monster Truck and the Blondes, and they decide to U-Turn Monster Truck (who is checking in to the Pit Stop at that exact moment). Dun dun duuun, again!