When they finally arrive in The Netherlands, guess who they see at the airport? Their old buddies Brent and Josh, who left Moscow three hours later than them but managed to catch up. It's a sad day for Dominate. But wait! It gets worse ...

It's a Boat Bus!

This leg has a Fast Forward. The Twins have a head start on the leg, so they take it. They have to ride an aquabus, and while it's in the water for seven minutes, they each have to eat five herrings. The herrings are big, coated in fish oil, and covered in white flakes that are probably salt but could also be concentrated fish-flavored fish goo, just to give it that extra kick.

The Chipps head for the Fast Forward, but they arrive just as the Twins are getting off the bus, stinking of fish oil but holding a shiny clue directing them to the Pit Stop. They arrive on the mat in first place, and they do a shoulder shimmy, which they say is their first place dance. Phil imitates it, but he secretly hates them (I'm pretty sure). He awards them $5,000 each. So, fine, done with them for the leg. Except for their evil manipulations ...

Organ to Grind

One half of the Detour requires teams to choose a large street organ (enclosed in a wagon, it's not a tiny accordion with a hat-wearing monkey, unfortunately) and grind it to collect 30 Euro in tips. 

The Chipps get to it first, James does the heavy grinding work and Jaymes dances and calls to the crowd, "Go get some change and come back!" Things slow down for them, and I am both delighted and terrified that they remove their shirts, put on the Chippendales collars and cuffs, and "make a spectacle." Not a Magic Mike dance spectacle, I don't think I saw any serious hip action (and if it was edited out, well, I'm shaking my fist sternly at the editors).

Does this mean that it's their final leg? A lovely grandmother walking three young children gives them their final 10 Euros, and they're off to the next clue.

Trey and Lexi also choose the organ because Lexi is a born annoying saleswoman. She earns the money without removing any clothing.

Flashback Roadblock

I love when the show brings back old challenges that were horrible. Like "find a clue by unrolling 87 bales of hay bigger than your body." Or another one that I can't remember right now. 

Who remembers ditch vaulting? It's like pole vaulting across a ditch, and Phil promises that it's easy, even though he shows us flashback footage of an old man falling into the mud over and over. I'm sorry that I can't remember your name, old man, but I remember your pain. This Roadblock was a challenge last time around.

This time, James nails it. His coach says, "All you need is courage," and I guess he's full of it. That was almost no muddy fun at all.

Trey also takes the Roadblock. Lexi advises that it's all in the hips, and that seems to work for him because he passes the first time, too.

Triumvirate of Evil Plotting

Let's jump back to the Moscow airport for a minute. The Chipps, Twins, and Texi were several hours ahead of the other teams. The Twins have an unfounded (to me) hatred of Team Dominate, and they want to bring them down.

While hanging out at the airport they polluted the relatively innocent minds of the others, forcing an agreement that, if there was a Double U-Turn, the first team to arrive would U-Turn Dominate, and the second team to arrive would U-Turn the first team, so that the net result would be that only Dominate is U-Turned. 

It's strategy, sure, but it's against Abbie and Her Boyfriend, and we all know how I feel about them. The Twins say that "Brown[-haired] James" is in charge of the Chippendales at the U-Turn. They don't trust Blond Jaymes because he's too nice. In an interview, he agrees with them, because he likes Dominate and doesn't want to U-Turn them.

So, there is in fact a Double U-Turn after the Detour. The Twins bypassed it with the Fast Forward, so the Chipps are the next to arrive. Jaymes did not want to be in this position. He doesn't want to do it. But he also wants to go home and take care of his family, so they do, in fact, U-Turn Abbie and Boyfriend Ryan.

At the Pit Stop, when the Chipps arrive in second place, Phil says that they finally played the game today. Jaymes says, "I hope we don't lose a friend," and then a clock tower right behind him chimes ominously. He jumps and says it's a sign from God, and Phil raises his eyebrow. It's a nice interaction.