Speaking of bamboo, that stuff is long, yo. And heavy. They have to carry it through racks of bamboo, and it does not corner well. The Twins manage to knock their camera guy. I wonder if it's the same camera guy they crashed into at the Double U-Turn station?

We don't see a montage, but I'll make one up for you. Imagine a rickshaw with, I don't know, 30 feet of bamboo hanging off the end. Watch that poor fruit vendor protect his stand from being knocked over again and again. Watch that young child duck behind a drain pipe to keep from being poked. Watch dozens of locals duck out of the way so they don't lose any eyeballs. They are really putting up with a lot from these crazy Americans!

It's second place, Boyfriend Ryan, why aren't you happy?

As I said above, Team Dominate finishes with the jute reasonably quickly. And without injuring any locals or cameramen, I might add. 

Before the leg began, Ryan interviewed that he wanted to be the strongest, winningest team, and beat Army Dave's record of eight legs won. Well, they land at the Pit Stop in second place because Team Rock On kept their Fast-Forward lead and took first place. 

Ryan almost looks mad, and poor Abbie, who has pushed herself in the heat all day long, asks if he'll just smile. Then she cries because, seriously, he's not happy! Ryan acknowledges that it's a lot of pressure on Abbie to try to beat that record. But he doesn't say if he'll back off. I think he's too nice to push her, though. Stay tuned!

How is your life like a monster truck?

Phil tweets that Monster Trucker Rob can literally make a monster truck analogy for pretty much anything in life. He's loud like them, too. 

This week, Rob points out that monster truck tires are 750 pounds each, and he mounts them by hand, so, you know, he's strong. He carries a lot of bamboo. They get to the Pit Stop in fourth place, after the Twins.

Last week, Rob's auto detailing helped him fix up a bus, and this week the tire lifting helped him carry bamboo. I can't wait to find out how monster trucks help him next week! He could teach a life skills course just by using monster trucks.

Quote of the week

As Team Chippendale selects the bamboo Detour option, Jaymes says enthusiastically, "We been waitin' to lift heavy things!"

Can you not pass out and die, please?

It's hot, remember? The Chipps are excited to lift things, so they start running with bamboo. They also point out that they've been saving money by not eating much, so they've lost weight. Do you think heat plus malnourishment plus dehydration is a good idea? 

They do eventually stop to drink water. But not enough to clear those brain cells, because they leave three bamboo poles behind when they transport to the construction site. Oh, it doesn't look good. They both lay down in the sand, drenched in water and sweat, and try to catch their breath. 

Chippendales never say die, of course, so they suck it up and finish the task correctly. This time the locals cheer for them. The get to the Pit Stop in sixth place, after Team Texi.

Are you still fabulous?

The Goat Farmers have been in last place because of the Road Block. They choose Bamboo because Josh (Aquadisiac) thinks he can do most of the lifting and give Brent a chance to recover. And by golly, he seems to do just that.

They know they’re in last place, but while they count out bamboo, Brent asks Josh (Aquadisiac) "Are you still fabulous?" He is. They get a crowd of children to cheer them on as they transport bamboo across town.

At the Pit Stop, Phil tells them that they are the last team to arrive. However, it's the first non-elimination leg of the season! Brent and Josh (Aquadisiac) are too exhausted to respond much, causing Phil to say, "Maybe you're not so pleased!" Then they muster up some energy. Let it be known that next week they plan to make a fabulous comeback!